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  1. I love this book.  Each time it comes out, I feel nothing but glee.

  2. seconded

  3. thirded

  4. Fourthed…but with an addendum. I do LOVE this book. But until it statrs to effect the greater Marvel U in some way I’m switching to trades. Plus after reading part of the Omnibus of the first 25 issues I realized the pacing just clicks better in trade form.

    But still, LOVE the book.

  5. I Love it so much!

    I will say I love it so much to get it a 6th time!

    This covered confused me to no end though. I thought it was the last cover and all the sites we’re being lazy….Whoops. 🙂

  6. to the power of 7


    by the way… that cover sucks 


  8. @ Parker I wouldn’t read this if it was infected with the rest fo the Marvel Universe…. like secret invasion suck infection. Here’s to hoping this stays as "standalone" as possible, now and into the future.

  9. this is the only book i am getting this week.  that’s wierd.  I loved Luke Ross’ run on Spectacular Spider-Man.  You can’t even tell it is him drawing this book.  I havnt figured out if that is a good or bad thing yet.

  10. @jobob247-I agree.  Even when it includes stuff like flying cars I get kinda iffy about it.  Its best when this book stays by itself and doesn’t try to do anything other than tell great Cap stories. 

  11. I actually like the both of Brubakers books have not been involved in the ‘meh’ that is SI.

  12. @ jobob247 and drakedangerz

    Oh i couldn’t agree more about not being involved in SI. But it seems like Captain America showing back up on television saving someone running for president should atleast be mentioned in passing in someone elses books.

    It’s because it doesn’t that I don’t mind dropping it in issues and waiting six months to get it from instocktrades for 30% off. I’m not worried about reading another book and it ruining the story in this one. Also I’m not worried about something so earth shattering happening that I can’t avoid it on the boards.

  13. As soon as this book becomes more involved in the Marvel Universe I may actually think about dropping it.

  14. I agree..  I am really glaqd this has not run into the rest of the current marvel world yet… Let cap stand on his own please…

  15. Just read the issue and loved it but I’m not too well versed in the Marvel U. Does anyone know who that was protecting the Chinese proofesser in the end of the book?

  16. That fight scene on the highway was amazing. Glad Ross is trying a bit harder with the panel layouts.

  17. Yeah, Ross is definitely improving slowly but surely. I was afraid he wouldn’t be able to pull off that highway scene, but he did. As for the end, could that villain be the guy with the touch of death from that Daredevil Cap team-up book from last week (or was it the week before)? They seem to have the same costume…

  18. Hmmm, pretty good issue.  I enjoyed it, but not as much as some other books I picked up this week.  Still, its great to see Bucky take more control and call himself Cap.  Loved that fight scene.  Good good fun.

  19. Love this book just top notch always near the top of my read list Brubaker does not disappoint

  20. That was some great battle coreography!

  21. A solid mystery/espionage tale by Brubaker and Ross.  I don’t find Ross’ art as "tight" as Epting’s or Perkin’s, but it works well in this issue.  As for the mystery villain in the end, I’m pretty sure it isn’t Deathstalker (as referenced above by goat77) despite the overall resemblance, since he doesn’t have on the death touch gloves which were the source of his powers.  However he does remind me of Midnight, an old Shang Chi villain (Shang’s adopted brother, who at least appeared to die in Master of Kung Fu #16).  I know that he was brought back in Silver Surfer (as a Kree-built clone) in a very different context, but I still think this story feels like a Shang Chi/Fu Manchu crossover.  But maybe that’s just my crazy imagination playing tricks on me….

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