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  1. I kinda want to see Bucky-Cap interact with more MU peeps outside this book.  Ha, surreal to even say his name in regular conversation and not have people look at you like you’re nuts.

  2. It’s sacrildge, but I’m still reading this in trades!

    Cant wait though, you dont need to read this to know this is a modern classic.

  3. This really is an epic story he has been crafting. Its never lost steam and is freakin good!

  4. I love this story so much, if this falls of the tracks as he wraps it up I may cry

  5. OMG THAT COVER OMG!  (I know what’s really going on here, but still.  Awesome.)

  6. I dont know why "Cap" has his face in shadow here, doesn’t the guy look like Steve Rogers anyway?

  7. @ActualButt – It’s a mre dramatic shot to have him coming out of the light like that.

  8. This is such a crime-drama its great. Brubaker does a good job of keeping up with the current events.

  9. This was a great issue. i was a little put off by the fill-in fill-in artist, but I did like the art once I got used to it. Dude’s got a good sense of action, and I like how his Bucky really looks like a slimer guy than cap. And I like how his 50’s cap really does feel like cap. That and Brubaker’s writing make 50’s cap more than I mind controled pawn, but someone who really does have a claim on the mantel with a geniune reason to find Bucky lacking and to want to kill him. Wonderful stuff.

  10. Oh crap, I made a mistake my first time to review a book. My Rating should be a 4 STAR rating (I made a mistake)- not as good as its been, story stalled a bit, but still as good as there is. Great stuff.

  11. Artwork awesome …. can’t wait for next issue.

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