Superstars Ed Brubaker and Steve McNiven continue their quintessential Cap story arc!

Find out the secrets of the mission that went wrong in WWII and why old friends are now old enemies!

It’s action and history in a cage match for your comic-reading pleasure.

Story by Ed Brubaker
Art by Steve McNiven
Cover by Steve McNiven

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. <3 it.

  2. Couldn’t get enough of issue 1, been looking forward to issue 2 for some time.

  3. The first issue was so awesome. Glad to see steve back in costume and the book back on the right track. I do think killing Bucky off like it was nothing was a cheap way to get him out from behind the shield. Especially for the guy everyone said couldn’t be brought back to life the first time.

    • It was a little sudden wasn’t it? Especially for a guy that everyone seemed to like. At least as the Winter Soldier. But these are comics and Bucky will be back!

    • I think if #1 had any fault in it, it was lack of closure with what was going in in the Captain America book before, specifically Bucky. Capatain America has always been in its own little corner and never got involved in events, but hopefully they’ll adress Bucky when FI itself is over.

    • I agree that Bucky’s bloody corpse was swept under the rug pretty quickly, but I totally get why they did it. They had a movie coming out, and they needed a Cap book with Steve in the suit and no continuity for new readers to worry about. At that point, it would have been pretty dumb for them to publish a book in which Cap spends the first arc moping about Bucks.

  4. I hate that I’m going to ask a continuity question, but where does this take place? After Fear Itself? During? Can’t be before Fear Itself.

  5. This is my first Cap story. I’m mostly drawn (sorry) by McNiven’s art. The first story was fun, but it’s between this and Daredevil. Should I get that instead?

    • Not possible to pick up both? That’s a tough call to choose between Cap and Daredevil because both books were stellar. Each of them received my Pick of the Week nod. You just have to choose what you like.

    • I’m getting both because of the awesome art. But I think DD’s art is more fresh, something we havent seen before. (At least I havent)

    • Depends on what you’re into. Cap seems to be more of a Summer Blockbuster type ride, with big action and a tight story. DD might be a bit more of a nuanced character study, with Matt dealing with the repercussions of his return, contrasted by his new happy-go-lucky attitude. Tough call, but I feel like DD’s gonna pay off better in the long run.

    • If I had to choose, I would choose Daredevil clearly. I buy both.

  6. Great First Issue, real excited to see where Brubaker goes with this

  7. i try to avoid 4dollar books just out of principle(unless its an event book) and i thought this one would go down in price like all the other marvel relaunches, however, despite my principium, im still torn on whether or not to drop it. i think im going to fold because mcniven’s art is just so fuckn beautiful, and brubaker on writing aint too shabby. guess im a sucker!

  8. McNiven was sooo good in the first issue. Cannot wait for this.

  9. Can’t remember, did we see the shield in the first issue? Guess they fixed it then, cus this def happens after FI for me.

  10. I have loved the Brubaker run on Cap and McNiven’s art is fantastic so it was a no brainer to pick up issue #1. However, I know McNiven has problems with meeting deadlines and I notice issue number 2 has already slipped by a week from its published solicit date. I’m on board for now but I will not be sticking around for another series that I can’t count on month to month.

  11. Was going to go with the Samnee Cap and Bucky stuff, but issue 1 was really, really good. I will give issue 2 a shot and see where we go from there. Brubaker has not been finishing strong lately.

  12. McNiven’s art was flawless again this month, I really love his style. A beautiful book.

  13. This book was fun, but can we please abandon the whole “Captain America jumps from a moving jet at blinding speeds and great heights and lands without a scratch.” The Super Soldier serum made him more than a man, but I’m pretty sure he’s not invincible.

  14. Fun, with a capital McNiven.

  15. love the cover, feels like the shield is going to smack me in the face! does anyone think freddy is going to jump out and try to stab cap with his razor fingers? is he in league with zemo? no? im kinda new to cap comics, wasnt really expecting a dream world type of story, the art is just fantastic though. ya think that shield was made by tony in odin’s workshop?

  16. The art in this was great but man I am not feeling this story at all. What the hell was that thing at the end with giant captain america, is that something from previous captain america comics? I thought this might be a great jumping on point for someone who hasn’t read much captain america before but apparently not. Dropped.

    • Don’t you think that thing will be explained next issue? That’s how cliff-hangers usually work.

    • ok I just assumed it was some crazy back continuity thing I didn’t know about cause it seemed WAY weird. I may pick up the next issue then just to find out but not really feeling this whole dream thing seems kinda out there for what i’m wanting from a cap book, but hey it’s averaging a 4.0 so obviously i’m in the minority on this one.

    • My guess is that it’s a manifestation of the dream kid’s powers or something. Or maybe Steve is the one dreaming in that final sequence.

    • OR.. maybe this whole Volume is a dream! LOL 😉

      should I get this one? or leave it on the shelf?

  17. Man this just took a left turn off a cliff. I’m totally done with this garbage.

  18. I thought the art looked much better in the first issue. Hopefully #1’s inker will return for issue #3.

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