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  1. If there was a little blood you would think Cable just dropped from that ass.

  2. Oh, and yea, I’m dropping this after this issue. 

  3. i’m hanging in there.  I enjoyed issue #1 and I’m curious to see where this goes now that the groundwork has been laid.

  4. i like the art, but i dont know if it fits Cable

  5. Not a bad issue, but not much really happened. Having half the issue devoted to the uninteresting tale of Bishop’s return really hampered things. I liked the art for the most part, but a few panels gave Cable old man neck fat, which was disturbing.

  6. I’m buying this just because DUANE SWIERCZYNSKI is writing it. Loved his absolutely wild novels – "The Wheelman" & "The Blonde". So, I’ll be sticking with this for awhile even though I pretty much no nothing about Cable and the storyline that led up to this.

  7. Sorry — "know" nothing. Sheesh.

  8. Quickie review:

    Writing: sub-par – much worse than issue #1 (3/5).

    Art: terrible. The comment about the neck fat rings true. Worst looking Bishop you could imagine (2/5). 

    If I weren’t a huge fan of the Cable character, I would drop. Instead, I’ll suck it up like a chump. 

  9. This was really disappointing.  I couldn’t agree more about the Bishop backstory.  It was a 11 pages of crap that could have been boiled down to 3 or 4.  My version: "Well, I am damn lucky to be alive.  I should have died after a terrible mistake in writing named Predator X bit my arm off.  I managed to survive that only to take on a direct shot from Cyclop’s optic blast.  After that, I went and stole a Nuclear Powered Battle-Ready Arm from Forge.  It was nice of him to label it and leave it on the wall for me.  It was even nicer that it included at time travel device.  After that I decided to find Cable"

     I hope this improves or it’s gonna get the axe.

  10. I actually liked this, it was a nice step up from the first enjoy and I am really enjoying the dueling narrations.

  11. Dead on, DocHess. I think you should write a full review of this!

  12. I love Cable, I love Duane Swierczynski.  I don’t, however, think this is a very good fit.  Ironically, DS’s fiction is really funny and pretty meta, and he could knock a Deadpool book out of the park. 

    Is it too early for a letter writing campaign to get Deadpool in this book?

  13. this one wasnt as good as the first issue but im not giving it up yet as a cable and a Bishop fan.  im a little sad that bishop is now a really bad guy cause i was a big fan.  but i haven’t lost intrest yet.

  14. I am not really digging this series. Like many of you, I am a huge fan of Cable, Bishop, and time travel stories in general. That being said, I just can’t get into this. I am going to give it another issue or two and if it doesn’t get any better, I will be dropping it.

  15. After picking up issue #1, I swore I wouldn’t be continuing on with this series, but somehow I ended up picking it up off the shelf again this week. I won’t make that mistake again… until next month, anyway.


  16. I really did not like this book. It kinda felt like a chore to read it. I’m definitely not getting the next issue

  17. I thought it was interesting, BUT the art pissed me off so much, Cable was constantly drawn jumping back an forth with and without the baby. I can’t believe that slipped through…

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