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  1. shattering conclusion of "Messiah War"?  I’m not sure what Messiah war accomplished.  I’ll read Cable for a few more issues to see wher this is going, but so far it’s now where.

  2. I’m sad to see that Olivetti is no longer on this book. I loved his art. I hope that they finally go somewhere with this series.

  3. No Olivetti?  Dropped.

  4. I dug X-Force adn Messiah War,is Cable worth picking up every month now?

  5. This issue was better than any part of Messiah War. This story is starting out far more interesting as well.

  6. Paul Gulacy…ugh

  7. I thought the techno virus had been removed from Cable’s body?

  8. me too, I thought it was removed in Cable/Deadpool, like during the second or third arc maybe?? any Cable buffs know?

  9. I’m pretty sure Cable has been Techno-organic virus free since Cable #100. There was a silent section of that issue that feature him taking the remnants of it out of his body because his psychic skills got boosted at some point.

    Decent issue and better than Messiah War, which had no resolution whatsoever. 

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