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After a let-down conclusion to an otherwise interesting Messia War crossover, I was curious to see what direction they’d take this series in.  What new and, hopefully, interesting twist would come out in the new story arc?


Basically, Cable accidentally loses Hope while time traveling, which makes her a prime target for Bishop, and Cable a prime target for that techno-organic virus he has that periodically becomes a plot device.

Because Cable can only travel forward, they are both in the post-Stryfian future, where his little “children” are running around, trying to get off the planet.

It’s really mediocre.  I find myself caring less and less about these characters, whose stories showed so much promise in the wake of Messiah Complex.  And Paul Gulacy’s art is not particularly striking, with one exception: he’s incapable of drawing realistic looking children.  I suppose if Hope were supposed to be, say, twelve, then you could claim that she just looked mature for her age.  But, as of this story, she’s supposed to be nine, and she looks like she’s a short teenager or twenty-something.  The face is just all kinds of too developed for someone that hasn’t hit adolescence yet.  At least on Dave Wilkiin’s cover she looks youthful.  Actually, she looks very similar to the way the children of the Ender’s Gamke series are drawn.

I am probably not picking up the next issue.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 2 - Average

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