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After the disappointing conclusion to Messiah War (Which I loved up until the end)  I wasn’t even sure how curious I was about Hope anymore. After this I’m still not sure.  It is all just feeling so repeated at this point.  That said, I loved Hope’s interactions with the little boy Emil, Though I hope he doesn’t stick around long.   I’m also curious to see what happens with Cable and how long Swierczynski allows Cables new situation to last.  Where did Bishop’s eye patch come from?  I remember Wolverine attacking him at the end of the last issue of Messiah War, but I thought it was in his back.  Did Wolverine take Bishop’s eye out with a claw to the back of the head?  Whatever, he just looks like Ultimate Nick Fury now.  Paul Gulacy’s art style is way different from Oliverri or Crain’s.  I’m just kinda meh with his art because he does a great job drawing Hope.  The emotion her eyes convey in a few of those panels is incredible. His fight scenes though are nothing special.  Where he does do a good job is telling the story with his art.  Flipping back through it, its’ not even necessary to read it and know exactly what’s happening.  I’ll stick around a bit longer but if this doesn’t pick up the pace, or change drastically I may have to switch to trades and dollar bins. 

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 3 - Good

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