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  1. I’m excited for this crossover, but not looking forward to Olivetti.  Hopefully Cable gets back where he belongs on an x-team roster after this

  2. I’m only picking this up because I heard just good things about the first issue (which I will also pickup).

  3. It is looking to be a really good story

  4. You just cant stop Deadpool!

    He makes everything gold

  5. The cover of this comic makes me so excited.

  6. @TheNextChampion  Hell ya.. I can’t wait

  7. Theories on how Deadpool arived at 2900

    1, cable told him to sit there and wait for him and Wade did for 900 years

    2. Body slide by two plot device is still working

    3. Stryfe tricking him

    4. He fell through a wormhole and ended up there

  8. i cant belive im buying a Cable book.

  9. @cyberauron

    mmmmm…Bodyslide by two….Such good memories.  Although that Cable Deadpool series really should have stopped around the time of House of M. Everything after that just felt kind of flat.

  10. Boy, those sure were some pretty digitally rendered "drawings" of people superimposed over images of mountains!

    To think I felt crazy being hesitant to pick up Cable w/ the huge reaction to the one-shot last week.

  11. I just want to see what happens with Hope. I’ll actually be picking up X-Force during this, not sure if I’ll stick with it after that, but we’ll see. And yeah, I’d also like to cast my vote for someone else pencils besides Olivetti.

  12. @Parker  Dude, no!  The Cable/Deadpool Civil War tie-in was nothing short of perfection, and I loved the issues that came out of that too.  When it turned into just a Deadpool book, I lost some interest, but it was still a pretty damn good Deadpool book.

    I didn’t actually love this Cable issue; I thought it was way too much exposition and not enough interesting character interaction, especially not for Nate being reunited with Wade and Domino.  I’m still looking forward to the rest of this crossover, anyway.  Does anybody know why Cyclops didn’t come to the future with the team?

  13. An abundant exposition issue, but still one that I found interesting. Say what you will about this digital art style, but for me it works. I like looking at it, that’s really all I’m looking for in comic art.

  14. What I’d seen previously in this book never really bothered me too much, but the shoddy way of seemingly ctrl+v-ing the characters over obviously photographed mountains just offended my eyes.

  15. I think the art works in the context of the story. This issue was spectacular.

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