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  1. It’s Cable and Cub!!!

  2. You could fit the baby safely in the gun.  Because either way, he’s getting his ears wrecked around that thing.

  3. As an unapologetic Cable fan (and a Duane Swierczynski fan as well), I’m both nervous and psyched for this series —

  4. As I did with X-Force, I’m giving this one issue. X force lost me on issue one, I have a feeling this will lose me as well, but I’m going to try.

  5. Liefeld would be proud. The baby on that cover is the size of Cable’s hand.

  6. Well technically the baby is still a newborn.. it’s only a few days old.

     I have never been a big Cable fan, but Messiah Complex hooked me in enough to give this a shot. I am cautiously optimistic.

  7. I keep looking at the thumbnail for the cover and keep thinking that the baby looks like a Vulcan.

  8. I’ll read it in the store, but…it’s not likely I’m buying this book. I’m just not a Cable fan.

  9. I’ll also give it a one issue try.

    So do you think we’ll have to wait forever for the baby reveal? If it is actually something that needs to be revealed…

  10. Avatar photo Cotton (@LogFlume) says:

    I’ve never been a Cable fan and I lost track of the x-men sometime around 1998, but I’m enough of a Duane Swierczynski fan (and by extension Philly guy) that I’ll pick this up…

  11. I read it.  It seemed kinda cliche’.  Nothing original for me.  I’m gonna pass on this series.  If I hear good things, I’ll pick up the trade later.


    the Tiki 

  12. bought it for the art

  13. i’m interested in the story, but i’m not a fan of the art at all

  14. The transition between the two narrations was well done.. I like the parallel they are drawing between Cable and Bishop.

     That said, not much happaned.. really slowly paced. I’m not fully sold yet but I’ll pick it up again next month. 

  15. I liked the art, quite a bit actually, but yeah, it was pretty slow. But, it’s a first issue, so I’ll give it a couple to see if it goes anywhere.

  16. Not a bad issue but i cant help but notice that after being suckered into buying punisher for civil war that its the same artist and that cable looks exactly like punisher (only older)in body type that they even share the same scowl.

  17. Well I guess I’m the odd man out, because I really didn’t like this issue too much.  It was a bit open handed, the art was beautiful but everyone looked like their on "rodes" and if we are truthful with ourselves we’ll see ‘nothing’ happened.  I know it’s just the first issue, but I’ve seen much better setup issues … I’ll check out the next issue, but check out the first issue of "Cable and Deadpool" … you can have a good first issue.

  18. So this is going to become Cable vs Bishop? I’m not totally sold. It was okay. But it didn’t really sell itself as well as it could.

    Plus the middle pages came out as I read thriugh. Again.


  19. They shoulda just named this book "Messiah Complex Pt 14."

    And ONCE AGAIN Bishop gets the drop on Cable and takes his lunch money again. (Familiar?)

    Im sorry im wrong. It is a Messiah Complex book but with only half the story as a  regular issue of the Messiah Complex crossover.

    I thought it looked kinda cool tho. AND yes I WILL buy at least one more issue cuz im hooked on findin out who the baby is.

  20. I loved the art.  I’m not really feeling the ‘new’ Bishop, but I’ll hang around and see where this goes.

  21. the only problem i have with the art is that everyone is so huge that it just bugs me.  also i am a little glad that im not the only one that had the middle page fall out.  it didnt even have marks on it where the stapples were.  over all i thought it was all right but being the only Cable and bishop fan in the world i am wondering what they are going to do.

  22. I agree with most of what was said here. I have always been a cable fan, but this issue was pretty slow. I got to the end of it and thought to myself "that’s it?". I will give it a couple of more issues and see where it goes from there.

  23. This comic pissed me off. Where’s the story? Nothing happened in this book. This would have made a good first 4 pages of a story. But paying $3 for this? That’s outrageous and I’m a sucker for spending money on this.

    This morning I read a comic written by Jack Kirby in the early 70’s. It took at least 15 minutes for me to read it. Cable probably took about 3 minutes. Total Rip-Off!

  24. I think the baby is where Prof.X’s consciousness went.  He’ll come back as a chick who spends all her time on her back vice in a wheelchair.

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