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  1. Steve DeKnights is probably my least favorite buffy writer and Kennedy is definitely my least favorite Buffy character.  We’ll see how this turns out…

  2. DeKnight’s no Drew Goddard, but he’s written some decent episodes of Buffy. Actually I think his best work has been on Smallville lately, IMHO

    The problem I have with Kennedy is they never really found anything that interesting to do with her in the show. And that’s a problem for a character brought in fill the space where Tara was, a character we were really invested in.

    Still, this book has yet to let me down, so I’m excited.

  3. I really like DeKnight, but I do not like the character Kennedy at all. sooo, I am weary of how this will turn out. I agree with Eyun, Tara was such a part of the show that trying to fill her spot so quickly with Kennedy probably turned a lot of fan against her character.

    I just finished the last disc of the series last night for the first time and so everything is fresh in my mind. I am just really glad this series is out and for how strong it has been, unlike the Angel ATF series.This can’t be as bad as last months issue though ( and I usually love Espensons stuff) so I know I will be picking this up.

  4. I will never understand the people hating on Kennedy. By the same token, I’ll never understand the people who shat on Riley in season four (season five is a different story).

  5. The "vampires are the hot new thing" development may be too stupid for me to keep reading this book, I hate to say.

  6. I don’t hate Kennedy, it’s more that I feel sorry for her, or rather the actress. They had to get Willow out of her slump, so a new relationship was the obvious choice, and that’s fine. Except they chose a character who’d had so little to do in the show we barely knew her. It was big shoes to fill and she got a raw deal.

    I thought Riley was GREAT by the way! "I forgot my manners in all the concussion" is one of the best delivered lines in the whole show, and he had a really interesting arc. But, yeah… season 5… not so much… 🙂

  7. I have zero idea as to who this Kennedy person is.

  8. @conor Long story short, Willow’s girlfriend.

  9. Who else thinks its fitting that the villain has been named Twilight the whole time?

  10. This…series…has…slowed…soooo…far…down…

    Can we get back on track, pls?  Thx.

  11. @ Anson : hehehehehehehehehehheheheheh

     @ Eyun : I agree with you on the Riley part, I enjoyed his character even through season 5 and his return with his SPOILER; wife: ENDSPOILER in season 6 or whatever. I always thought he was a cool character and I also thought that the Initiative was pretty cool.

  12. This book has just started to bore me.  I’m not sure if I will buy this or not.  

  13. @TacticalChaos15 – I loved season 4, I know a lot of people didn’t because the show changed a fair bit but to me that was kinda the point. I think it had to change a little.

    Also, season 4 gave us the beyond awesome slo-mo Xander/Harmony hair-pulling fight, which to me justified the entire season right there. 🙂

  14. @Eyun Season four gave us Hush and Restless. As if you needed more reason.

  15. @GungaDin – Forgot about Hush. How could I forget about Hush? Also the Who Are You? double-bill (Faith!)… Yep, I need to dig out my box set…

  16. I didn’t like the actress who played Kennedy, but the character is okay and I like what we’ve seen with her in the comic.  Glad to see that it looks like Satsu will be back as well.

    I can’t get my head around the vampires-are-cool thing; the idea of vampires being public has potential, but the angle they’re taking seems like. . .I dunno, a Fuck You to ‘Twilight’?  Is that really *necessary*?

  17. I saw Twilight. It wasn’t even under protest, I was happy to give it a shot…

    Sparkly vampires! Seriously, vampires that SPARKLE! What up with that?

  18. This is hard to say as a Buffy fan…

    But this book is killing me to read now.  Yeesh.  First, Joss got behind on the Fray arc (not that I care about Fray anyway)…then we get a manic Jeph Loeb fill-in…then silly nonsense with Harmony and now Kennedy & Satsu…this is why Season 7 was so bad, IMHO…too much focus on characters I don’t care about, and not nearly enough focus on the characters that were integral to seasons 1-6.

  19. Not sure why people are having a hard time with this book because I felt this issue really spoke well and had an excelletn pace. Jeanty’s art remains fantastic and Chen’s covers are beautiful. I’m giving this issue a 5/5 no doubt.

  20. I couldn’t even tell the Slayers apart most of the time…like, I didn’t realize in half of the comic that that was supposed to be Kennedy, and I had gotten Satsu mixed up somewhere.  Of course, as indicated, I REALLY don’t care about Kennedy, and I don’t like Satsu, so an issue focused on them equals the third loser issue in a row for me.

  21. I finished Season 7 recently and I couldn’t STAND Kennedy. She was (at least to me) completely uninteresting. Her and Willow together always seemed forced to me. Maybe it did have a lot to do with the actress though. I remember cringing when she spoke it was so bad.

  22. I have to say that I’m already not loving the whole vamps going public and stirring up anti-slayer sentiments. I hope it only lasts for this arc and not the rest of the series. The whole thing with heroes being unjustly & publicly villified has just been done to death. Plus it just doesn’t feel right in the Buffyverse

  23. Should the title be called "Buffy: The Leader all the of Vampire Slayers"?  I guess I really am tired of this current premise of having all these vampire slayers running around.  

  24. The last two issues have been the worst of Season 8. I am not liking this trend. Get back to Buffy, Xander, and Willow.

  25. @ s1lentslayer : I agree,  Issue 21 is the worst issue of BTVS by far!

  26. I liked this more than last month’s issue, but I’m just not as excited about Buffy as I used to be.  The delays during Whedon’s Fray arc really killed the momentum for me.

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