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  1. Yay, Jane Espenson! I will watch/read anything that woman writes, and she’s never let me down. I predict she’ll pull a "Goddard" and make us wish she was writing comics full time.

    Also… love that cover!

  2. Eh.  I want this book to get back to the endgame, or at least give us some more pieces…this SOUNDS like a water-treading arc.

  3. Dude, if that proves to be true, Espenson treading water is still better than most writers at the top of their game. Peace 🙂

  4. Damn right. I’m keen. Harmony is one if those characters that is so horrendously annoying. I can’t wait for Wednesday.

  5. I love Jane Espenson.

    @TommyBrownell If what I’ve heard is true, this is in no way a filler arc. From what I understand something MAJOR is going to happen starting with this issue…. I think I know what it is, but I don’t want to spoil it…

  6. @GungaDin – You tease! 🙂

  7. I’ve also heard what Gunga Din heard.  And I do adore Harmony.

  8. I like Harmony, but she’s not enough to make me get excited about a story.  She’s fun comic relief, not much more for me.

  9. Always wondered why Harmony was MIA in After The Fall. Guess I get my answer.

  10. Had to drop this one like a bad habbit.  Its been ok so far, but not enough to keep it as a regular pull.

  11. @marvelzombie Crazy talk.

  12. Yeah, Harmony! She’s so annoying that it’s fun again, at least for me. And you can’t go wrong with Jane Espenson…So, I’m pretty much excited!

  13. Am I the only one who found this story to out there? I know this is a world where magic and sci-fi notions of gigantic robots exist on a daily basis, but the reality show angle feels wrong, or maybe a bit stale. 


    Just me probably.  

  14. @brianmaru

     Showing a vampire gorging itself on a slain teenage girl would likely upset the public, not to mention that it is still murder and still against the law, so yes, I found it "too out there" as well. Honestly I was disappointed, but still gave it a solid 3 points this month.

  15. @mountainwindcat

    I think the public was led to believe that this was all show, like a good reality-tv show is supposed to be. Then again: They could’ve told us that IN the book…

  16. This issue was really bad, which is very odd for this series and especially after loving Loeb’s issue.  Hopefully this arc will get better.

  17. I really enjoyed this issue and i like where the end seems to be taking this series. an unexpected direction thats for sure

  18. I love the charecter of Harmony , she is a hysterical charecter . Unfortunatly this story was really , really bad , but it at least it ifits with the rest of the stories …all bad . Buffy seaon 8 is every bit as bad as Buffy Season 7 .

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