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  1. I am so conflicted with this issue.  I mean…Jeph Loeb??  ugh, lets hope for the best

  2. whoa, is that Angel on the cover? YES!!!

  3. It’s a flashback to season three, back in high school, the good ol’ days. Kinda like Alex Robinson’s "Too Cool to Be Forgotten" or something like that. And I saw some of the preview art, which was kick ass. I’d recommend it if for nothing else but for the art.

  4. well i knew it was a flashback but i figured Angel was all tied up by IDW.

  5. I really don’t know what to do about this one.  I love this comic.  Love the series, but Loeb might just turn me away.

  6. Yeah, I thought Angel was indeed tied up with IDW.  hmm…interesting

  7. That cover right there makes me not wanna buy a book I love. And that’s stupid of me, I know.

  8. Have faith, ladies and gents. Have faith. It won’t be awful, just per-maybe-haps not memorable.

  9. Angel on the cover!

    Loeb’s name on the cover…

  10. @ Eyun Look for the Jo Chen cover at your shop, it’s great and should convince you otherwise.

  11. So close. Just bought the season six dvd’s. I can’t wait to read the comic but i’m gonna be sad when I’ve watched all the episodes.

  12. @mountainwildcat – Ok, cool, didn’t know there was a variant. I’d probably have bought it anyway, but if I’m gonna own it I’d rather have a cover I like. Thanks for the info, appreciate it 🙂

  13. If Oz isn’t in this, I will be furious!!!

     I have decided to buy this book.  I can get over Loeb being attatched.  Whedon is still supervising. 

  14. I hope Joss really tempers the Loeb. All I know is I’m way way excited about this, despite the Loeb. Have you seen this art! It’s GORGEOUS!

  15. Not even Quesada can temper the Loeb.  Does Wheddon have what it takes?  Can he do it??!?!?  Stay tuned to find out!  😛

  16. Jeph Loeb on Buffy….

    This must be a ‘stake to the heart’ for all you fans….ha ha! Get it? Stake……..ah nevermind…

  17. w00t, BTVS animated series. I can’t wait for this issue. The preview was fantastic. Plus, the cover with the scooby gang sitting in front of the TV is AMAZING. It is in my pull list, thats for sure.

  18. Oh, dammit, I was determined not to buy this.

    But. . .high school flashback! 

  19. As long as Loeb’s done in one, it can’t be TOO bad.  Not saying it’ll be good, mind you…

  20. Maybe I haven’t read enough Loeb to get all the Loeb bashing.  I loved Superman for All Seasons and Spider-Man Blue.  Superman for All Seasons is probably my favorite Superman story.  Again I haven’t read everything he has ever done, Hush, Daredevil Yellow etc.

     This was my POW, I loved it, going back to Sunnydale High is always a good time.   George Jenty’s art is great, all 4 or 5 pages of it, and the animation style Buffy is fantastic.

  21. Passed on this.  I have a very strict no-Loeb policy.  

  22. @drtiehead-It seems like you have only read his past work.  Is it safe to assume you haven’t checked out any of the latest stuff he has done for Marvel in the last few years?  If so, that is where all the hate comes from.  I loved his earlier DC and Marvel colors stuff as well, but everything he has done recently is just…ugh.

  23. I bought this, I wasn’t thrilled, but I think that’s because I am not very invested in the animation-style art?  I’m not saying it’s a bad story — go check it out for yourselves.  But it didn’t hook me.

  24. wow…I can’t believe it.  A Loeb book that I actually liked.  No, a Loeb book that I actually loved!!  Craziness!  Must be a Christmas miracle or something. 

    Anyways, great issue.  Flashbacks, silliness, high school fun!  Even the present day scenes were really good.  Close contender for POTW for me.

  25. @drakedangerz You are correct,  I have not read anything that he has written recently, one of the advantages of being a mostly DC guy. (The best is the much shorter stacks on Wednesday.)

  26. man this was….AWESOME!   i want a buffy adventures series by loeb and wright

  27. @RoiVampire-You want a Loeb Buffy book?  And I agree with you?!?!!?  OMG, I can’t believe it!!!! 

  28. So great to see Georges Jeanty again. A nice one off that left me anxious to get back to the mains story without detracting in anyway.

  29. All I have to say is, "Thank you Jeph for not f’in up the book!"

  30. I thought it was "okay"…does make me sad there is no animated series, as my son and I would watch the Heck out of that, though.

  31. The art in this was spectacular, and I did get a bit of a Loeb feel to it, but it really didn’t get in the way.

  32. Didn’t really like the animated art. This was probably the weakest issue of the series.

    Still pretty good, though.


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