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In the extra-sized issue #24, a new age for the DC Universe begins!

A long shadow is cast across the world in a finale that will have everyone talking! Twelve heroes and villains were resurrected, but that doesn’t mean it will remain that way as the new champion of Earth is chosen!

Variant Covers by IVAN REIS

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  1. Really enjoyed this series. I’m a little worried they have this one issue (granted its a 48 page issue) to wrap everything up.

  2. I’ve really enjoyed this as well. Though at times the plot seemed to meander it was almost always enjoyable.

  3. At the end of the day, it’s gotta be said that this was at least a small accomplishment. A bi-weekly series with a creative team of this calibur that came out more or less on time is nothin to shake a stick at. IMO, this was better than 52, and leaps and bounds better than Countdown. No matter what happens in this issue, I’ll walk away looking forward to DC’s next weekly/bi-weekly project.

    Lookin forward to this.

  4. i’m looking forward to it ending. Bi-weekly series for almost a year is kinda brutal. Kinda annoyed with the double issue. Just screws my budget up all kinds of ways. 

    At any rate, can’t wait to see how this thing wraps itself up. =)

  5. When did they switch it to a 24 issue series?  OK, #24 is double sized, but I thought were getting 26 (or 27 if you count #0).

  6. The return of the Earth’s avatar last issue finally made this series worth the lackluster side-stories. I can’t wait for this issue to see where Johns takes this one!

  7. @PozrDu  A while ago; I don’t remember exactly when.

  8. Let’s hope this finishes with this issue and isn’t spun out any longer. It’s been all over the place and badly plotted. I’m sorry I didn’t pick up Generation Lost instead of this which everyone says has been very good.

  9. Probably not entirely fair to compare 52, which I read collected, to this, which I read bi-weekly, but I think 52 was a much more impressive work of intertwined stories. Brightest Day was much more about the art than the story. And it had some gorgeous art. I am sure read in one sitting it will be a lot better.

  10. i can’t help but feel if i had read a single issue of Swamp Thing this might mean more to me

  11. That is an awesome cover!  Stoked on Swamp Thing.

  12. @edward Get off of iFanboy right now and rush out to get Alan Moore’s Saga of the Swamp Thing run. You will thank me later. Run! Run!

  13. @hydeandgeek  i’ll get around to it one day. i just don’t want to forced to buy those fucking deluxe hardcovers of swamp thing that Dc recently published.

    honestly, what’s wrong with a cheap affordable format for this extremely disposible media?

    fucking DC

  14. $4.99. Thats crap. I guess reading 23 issues doesn’t buy any good will. Holding the line at $2.99 until we don’t have to. 

  15. @glwarm76  It’s 48 pages. They didn’t say they’d never do over-sized issues again.

  16. This series has been a mixed bag, with some really great moments scattered among several disjointed, directionless storylines. That said, I’m sad to see it go. Brightest Day, while not a great comic, definitely had that little pinch of magic powder that Geoff Johns sprinkles on whatever he makes. I guess “wonder” would be the best name for it.

  17. @edward  Most of us don’t think of our comics as being ‘extremely disposable’.  You can always borrow volumes of Moore’s Swamp Thing from a library as well.  Even if you don’t purchase it, it’s definitely something that’s worth reading.

  18. @glwarm76  –i do feel slightly burned by this double issue= $2 increase thing. I know the price per page argument even though it goes against the whole “the more you print the less it costs per unit” reality based argument. At any rate i’m still excited to read it but not happy about the nice little slap from DC. 

  19. I thought this actually gave me a good amount of closure. I know they left a lot of loose ends but its comics. It happens. The events of the series came to a good close and only stuff in the last few issues should continue.

  20. This was probably the worst mainstream event issue i’ve ever read. I had no problem with the major spoiler at the end, my big issue was the ballsy retconning out of the changes that Alan Moore introduced in his run. It’s 100 times more interesting than what they brought back. the characters we’ve been following for 24 issues had no resolution at the end as the series ultimately just became about reintegrating the vertigo characters into the DCU. The main characters either ended up back were they were at the beginning of the series or were set up with a major cliffhanger to be explored in their own series. I felt like i could have just read the last 2 issues of this series and been fine with having that be all i needed to know. What a waste of time

  21. To me it really didn’t feel like all THAT was building to THIS.

  22. i haven’t decided as to whether or not i liked this. i see the connection with the green. That makes sense since the beginning. The final reveal (spoiler) i dunno…i don’t see how it fits other than to almost tease for another series or something. I wanted to know more about the white lantern. Being mysteriously vague is an easy cop out i think. 

    and it was only 38 pages, not 48. I don’t consider a redundant preview to be added content.  

  23. @mikegraham6 I have to agree.  I liked this series all the way through (except for Firestorm), but the resolution had nothing to do with most of what this series was about.  And now that we know what happens and what this was all leading to, it’s obvious most of what went on in this book was arbitrary.  Oh well, at least Generation Lost went out strong.

  24. I gotta say, I’ve been enjoying/rooting for this series all along, but this did very little for me.  I think Johns and friends really could’ve used a few more issues to wrap this up.  

    The two highlights for me were Swamp Thing kicking serious ass, and the wrap-ups/set-ups at the end.  I’m seriously pumped for Aquaman’s ongoing.  On the other hand, I feel really bad for both Deadman and Hawkman.  Like really bad.  Everything’s all happy and hopeful at the end, except for these two poor bastards who got the shaft.  Not cool, Geoffrey.  And I agree with wally on the white lantern.  I really wanted an answer to that mystery (hell, I just assumed we’d get one), so it was kind of a let-down when it just peaced out like that.

    As far as the Vertigo integration is concerned, I really don’t know what to think. I guess it’s cool, but it feels rather unneccessary.  And if Brightest Day was planned as a vehicle for the integration all along, that is kind of a jip.  

    All in all though, I enjoyed the ride.  It brought so seriously wounded characters back into the spotlight, it looked pretty, it came out on time, and it made me care about – nay, love – Aquaman.  That last one alone deserves a toast.  Cheers, Brightest Day.


  25. So what happened to Hawk? 

    Deadman and Dove had a nice moment that was earned.  And I did enjoy the Aquaman/Mera story.

    Firestorm and Hawkman/Hawkgirl? Less so… we’ll see what happens with that.

    Martian Manhunter? I guess…

  26. Alan Moore was right after all.

  27. @srh1son  –yeah i was curious on that Hawk thing as well, but honestly i never cared about that character in this series very much. The Firestorm cliffhanger will have to be resolved at some point…i really hope he does blow up (again) so he can go away. haha

  28. @edward  

    It’s not too late.  The Saga of the Swamp is now in HC.   It is my favorite Alan Moore series……

  29. Swamp Thing?!? A ridiculous ending to a story that lost its focus months ago.

  30. The way the white lantern spoke was always a lil hokey to me.  This whole Swamp Thing biznazz doesn’t make a whole lotta sense to me.

  31. @wallythegreenmonster  The “the more you print the less it costs per unit” applies more to number of units than page count, and even if the print costs were the same, they do have to pay the page rate of the creative team which is not impacted by volume. If this were not a double sized issue for $2 extra it would have just been 2 issues for $2.99 each. 2 pages more content for $1 more. Seriously, i know complaining about price has become rampant at this site but its getting out of hand. When will this site change its name to ifanbaby?

  32. @wheelhands

    I liked your thoughts.  I think the whole point of BD was to bring characters back to the DCU and make them relevant again.  Johns and Tomasi succeeded with several of their efforts (Deadman, Aquaman, even Dove to a lesser extent) and fell flat on their face with a few others (Hawkman and Firestorm seemed to be very polarizing storylines for people).  But for the most part the characters had sort of lukewarm arcs (I’m looking at Hawk, Boomerang, and Martian Manhunter) that felt like small pieces of a larger character work that I don’t see happening (although for some reason I think Tomasi could write an awesome Martian Manhunter series, but I don’t know why I feel that way).
    I need to stop rambling in the comment section so I’ll just say I enjoyed the series, but the inclusion of Swamp Thing and Constantine felt a bit forced and detracted a bit from wrapping up some of the stronger character peices in the series.  Especially when all we get are little vignettes to wrap up the stories of focal characters that reminded me of issue 0 and had me wondering why I needed 24 issues to get there.

    Oh, and @wheelhands it’s spelled ‘gyp’ not ‘jip’.  its actually a racial slur with gypsies.

  33. why did Hawkgirl not come back she did what she was sapose to she should be back its bull shit.  Hawk is lame but he gets to stay and he did not evan do his job to win his life back

    this ending was varry lack luster I don’t care about Swamp Thing or Constantine they can stay in vertigo and stop making my hero books suck 

  34. @abstractgeek  –the price per page thing is a convenient justification that fans have bought into. It enables publishers to gouge. Marvel can sell 56 and 40 pg books for regular price..why can’t DC sell a 38 page one for that price?

    This issue cost more because they knew people were following this story for a year and wouldn’t drop the last issue. It has very little to do with the negligible printing costs…especially when you are dealing with grade 1 and 2 junk paper on a web press. 

    Price is legit thing to talk about with any retail product. Its a major factor for me in my comic buying/dropping decision making. The more you enable, the more  prices will go up. 

  35. This series had some great character moments, but the payoff feels a little weak to me. I like Swamp Thing just fine, but using 24 issues that cumulate into his re-introduction seems kind of lackluster in the whole scheme of things. I’m not feeling the gravitas.

  36. @buck2889: Gyp. Huh. Good to know. And I like your idea of Tomasi writing a MM ongoing.  I’d read the shit outta that.

  37. For some reason I always hear people say that they saw the Swamp Thing reveal coming? It came right outta the blue for me and man, I can tell you my jaw literally dropped. I love Swamp Thing, one of my all time favourite character’s written by one of my all time favourite writer’s Moore. Let’s just hope Johns doesn’t do any damage to the legend that is.

    Overall Brightest Day was a success for me, it had me hooked from the zero issue and even though some stories didn’t have the same draw as others, it was still great to be left waiting. Hopefully I can fill the void left from BD with Flashpoint… or War of the Green Lanterns. Or I’ll wait for the collections.

  38. @NRD  –i remember hearing it speculated about very very very early on. Like back when everyone was saying it was going to be Bruce Wayne. I think because people have been talking about it, its been on people’s minds, so “saw it coming”. But like you i was kinda shocked. 

  39. @wheelhands  I was really looking forward to his run on batman and robin, but that never really got off the ground.  I’m hoping the reason it was pushed back again is so Tomasi can work on MM, but that’s really just wishful thinking.  I’ll bet MM ends up just getting integratted into the *spoiler if you haven’t read the last issue of Justice League: Generation Lost* new Justice League International series that will probably be written by Winick.

  40. So I followed 24 issues over a year’s time (not including Blackest Night before it, I guess) only to come to an ending in which we learn a couple of old Vertigo Comics staples are gonna be hanging out in the DCU? I mean, okay, sure, yay…but really? I don’t know what I expected, but I was hoping for something a titch more far-reaching than this. I can’t say I’m completely disappointed, because BD has been a fun ride, but the destination of this ride wasn’t terribly “event”-ful to me. This one was definitely more about the journey than the end reveal. Fun finale, low pay-off.

  41. It all came down to being a little pointless and dumb to me. A cliffhanger would have been better — as I would have been less disappointed that I invested 24 x $2.99 to get to this point in the story. So many ideas started well, then went essentially nowhere…

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