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Hawkman and Hawkgirl pay a visit to the Star Sapphires, but with the Hawks’ connection to the cosmic corps, it looks like this meeting may end in bloodshed. And more even more blood may be drawn as Captain Boomerang hunts down Deadman and Dove!

Variant cover by IVAN REIS & OCLAIR ALBERT

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  1. Awesome Aquaman right there

  2. Just read the first hardcover and I dug on it a lot. Can’t wait for the next one.

  3. Still a consistently good story, but it has gotten a little bit tangled. I feel like there’s a storyline that I’ve completely forgotten about.

  4. It’s kinda sad but part of me really wants the Green Lantern movie to fail simply so the DC universe will stop being soo ever run with Green Lantern related mythos. If that movie does well every DC character will become a lantern of some sort instead of just 75% of them.

  5. @Jdudley  — i agree that there is too much Lantern stuff. There is a pretty big push inside the halls of DC to make GL as big as Superman and Batman. I think the Flash is next on that list…

  6. @Jdudley  If the movie fails you won’t see any DC property other than Batman and Superman get a major motion picture adaptation any time soon.

  7. Yes, I vote that most motion picture adaptations of comics are a) good and b) successful. If nothing else, if the movie industry can keep making money off of superhero comics it will keep pumping money into this struggling art form. I don’t kid myself that they will accept losing money making comic books, but they might be more tolerant of the bottom line if they think of them as R&D or at least are too embarrassed to stop publishing a title before releasing a movie about it.

  8. don’t get me wrong, i still definitely want the movie to be successful. Just haven’t been a fan of the green lanterization of the DCU (and it will be kinda hilarious if the entire DCU is taken over by the flash marketing for that movie in a couple years– suddenly the entire DCU loses their rings and just becomes really fast!)

  9. @Jdudley: I’m not pickin on you, but I don’t understand this complaint. The DCU has hardly been “lanternized”.

    Blackest Night was a DCU event that centered around GL because Nekron was a Lantern villain. Within that event, six DC characters got a ring for less than 24 hours. Aside from those six and their few side effects (Luthor in Action), only the various corps members have worn rings and they’re relatively new characters. To hear you tell it, half the DCU is ring slinging.

    Brightest Day is even more DCU-centric. Yes, it has to do with repercussions of Blackest Night and the white light, but it really just focuses on the twelve resurrected heroes. We haven’t seen GL since issue #0.

    True, there are now three GL titles (soon to be four), where there was once only one. But that can be said for almost any big title in the last three decades. I’m sure some of it has to do with promotion for the movie, but I think a lot of it also has to do with the interest that Johns has been able to build over his very successful five or six years on GL. Since his rise to power at DC, people may have forgotten that he’s still a damn good writer, and the popularity of GL can be credited to he and Tomasi alone. Pretty impressive.

    I understand it can seem at times like a popular character is everywhere you look. But when you’re hot you’re hot, and GL is a very hot property at DC right now. To claim that “75% of the DCU” has been overshadowed by Green Lantern mythos is simply not true. If ya don’t like the corps, there are plenty of books on the DC side where you can find nary a construct.

  10. Ugh. I could care less about the Hawkman/girl story. More Aquaman please.

  11. @AquaPimp82  agreed, but at least we got some good deadman stuff

  12. Deadman hugging it out with his grandpa was a nice moment.

  13. Im with you @djd, I’m enjoying all the stories.  I don’t have the hate-fest that so many seem to for Hawkman.  He’s not my favorite character but I certainly enjoy the stories I see with him.    Love the various moments we’ve seen with Firestorm, Deadman, Hawk & Dove, etc.   And my fave part of this ish was Deadman’s time with his grandfather.

  14. Deadman and his grandfather was a touching moment

  15. This seemed like the best issue in a long time to me.

  16. The Firestorm art continues to blow me away, and the Hawkman segment was pretty awesome I thought.  Still think ‘Predator’ is a funny name for the ‘Love’ entity, but the Hawkwoman possessed character looks pretty cool.

  17. I agree with @Frank & @Prax. This issue brought me back into Brightest Day. I can see myself picking this up through the end.

  18. The Boston Brand stuff made this my POTW. great great stuff

  19. Great issue. I even liked the Hawks now that they are actually fighting with a bit of banter and not just screaming.

  20. @Franktiger  The name is supposed to be ironic.

  21. @comicBOOKchris  Sure, but why?  The emotion entities are supposed to be the amalgamations of the very essence of their respective emotions, right?  To me, ‘Love’ isn’t, in essence, an ironic emotion.

  22. @Franktiger The concept behind the corps is that the the further away from Green they are the more consuming they are. So this isn’t hunky-dory, rom-com love, this is primal love – love as a… battlefield, if you will. So the entity embodies seeking out and conquering another’s heart with love. On a more literal level, the only reason that entity is called the Predator is because Carol Ferris used to be chased around when she was Star Sapphire by a guy called the Predator who wore that uniform. Years later it was revealed that the Predator was a creation of her own consciousness powered by the Star Sapphire, so JOhns has just wrapped that concept up with having it be the Parralax of another corps. Not a bad way to rationalize a funky concept and make it mirror what’s already going on

  23. Glad I saved this one for my Saturday morning breakfast 🙂 It was simply packed with great fun and emotional content. The Hawks have really grown on me and I’m actually interested now in seeing where they are taken moving forward.

  24. @PraxJarvin  can’t get that song outta my head now, thx.

  25. @WheelHands  24 hours … or 8 months.

  26. I really wish they could “fix” the Hawks, as discussed on a recent podcast. I’ve been a Hawkman fan for quite a while, but they are the characters I have cared least about in BD.

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