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Don’t miss the hottest event in comics as BRIGHTEST DAY continues with the search for a new White Lantern. And Martian Manhunter returns to Mars as we discover the origin of the creature mysteriously stalking him. Plus, the evil within Firestorm now haunts Professor Stein! And Hawkman: betrayed!

Variant covers by IVAN REIS

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  1. Please. No more Hawkman!

  2. @homeboy Yeah, for real. I actually threw last issue in the trash because of that. It felt good.

  3. I love that cover.

  4. I’m interested in all the storylines. I guess since I haven’t followed any of the team books I’m not burnt out on Hawkman.

  5. I think the cover is a red herring. I don’t think Bruce will become the White Lantern. 

     Lets hope Firestorm stops arguing with himself and does something.  

    I still can’t wait for this..gonna be fun =) 

  6. I’ve seen this cover everytime I unlock my phone for the last two weeks and I’m still not tired of it. Beautiful stuff. Lookin forward to this as always.

  7. Swamp Thing deserved the position as White Lantern. right right?

  8. It’s gonna be one of those things where Batman will get it temporarily, and then will somehow relinquish it.  Maybe the White Lantern is acknowledging Bruce’s return somehow?

    Looking forward to more Martian stuff actually, always been a fan of J’onn’s. 

  9. Yes, more Batman!!

    I’m actually enjoying BD now that I went back and read all the issues from front to back in one sitting.  It reads so much better that way.  I liked it even better than 52 and, of course, Countdown…

  10. Is that Nemesis on the cover?

  11. COVER of the week.

  12. That cover almost makes me regret my drop decision in the wake of issue 13. ALMOST.

    I really wish someone would halt Hawkman’s cycle of reincarnation.

  13. @robbydzwonar–i did the exact same thing as you a few weeks back. Changed everything for me. I’m so down with this series. its a shame that the current direct market model is forcing a story like this to be chopped up into issues. Its a much better read all together. 

  14. Probably the best issue of the run so far. And its not because of Batman. I really liked seeing Deadman’s past here.

  15. This had all the magic that last issue was missing

  16. I’m slightly amused that the solicitation has changed as a result of the change in format starting with last issue.

  17. This was a really good issue. I was really glad we finally get a full-issue focus on Deadman. I’m also glad he ditched that trenchcoat. It was a little too Ralph-Dibny-in-52 for me. It feels like we really turned another corner with this one. Deadman knows what he gotta do now: live. And bang Dove. Which is good because the guy’s been dead for years.

  18. Great issue, really strong on all fronts.

  19. @WheelHands – I think you’ve discovered the secret of the Brightest Day. By the way I could see that comnig from a mile away, just by the fact that Hawk was so protective of Dove around Deadman.

  20. I knew it! hahaha. 

    Nice to see a Deadman story finally. So its all about Cheesburgers and Dove. fun.  

  21. I had dropped this a few months back but bought this because of the cover. It was good but not good enough to keep me on the book.

  22. @thechanginman–this isn’t a series you can jump on and off. Its a complete story that needs to be read in order……its also a giant waste of money if you’re not reading the whole series. 

  23. Think it’s kinda lame how Deadman can like turn himself ‘dead’ and then back again, is that how his powers worked before?  And it’s taken him this long that oh, now that he’s alive again, he should be happy to have this opportunity to live a full life again?  That’s why the Deadman parts were my least fave of this series, cus it was like stop whining, your alive again, appreciate it already.

  24. @Franktiger  Well how would you feel if you were finally alive again and there was this weird ring on your finger teleporting you to different places all over the world and saying cryptic shit to you constantly. i’d be kinda pissed for being alive and not being able to enjoy it

  25. @RoiV – right, disconcerting to say the least, just seemd like he’s been pouting since the beginning, guess circumstances will have it that he can’t just go live his life normally now.  That’s the only intriguing part of the Deadman story to me actually, why does the ring have to rely on him to choose a host.

  26. Deadman has been "dead" for decades, and he never appreciated his life when he was alive hence his death wish job profession. I think he enjoys being this ghost who floats around, but doesn’t really understand how to live. Its a total fish out of water thing. 

  27. @Franktiger: I think it’s a rubbery mask.  His face doesn’t really change in this series.

  28. It was a mask when he did acrobatics. Then he was a mystical being for decades, where the terms faces and masks get a bit nebulous. The he was alive again. I think he came back wearing a mask again, but this issue made it look like he white ringed it onto his face. If Deadman survives this whole experience, I assume it will be made clearer what his new “alive” power set is.

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