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Inspired as always by their idols in the Legion of Super-Heroes last issue, the Legion of Substitute Heroes has also traveled back in time to recruit new members. But where their counterparts reached out to the Doom Patrol, the Subs have managed to enlist The Inferior Five! It ain’t a stretch to suggest this won’t end well.

Art and cover by JESUS SAIZ

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  1. Hopefully this idea by JMS works. The last issue was good, but I think this issue will make it better…..if that makes any sense.

  2. Is this late? I feel like it’s been awhile

  3. @Peterparker18102

    There were 5 Wednesday’s last month, so a lot of books feel late. 

  4. I dig me some Subs.

  5. Last issue was lame–will JMS pull this off and redeem the two issue story?

  6. @PeterParker: This book is quite a bit late.  I believe it should have come out on June 23rd.  

  7. Very cool. I really like the idea of this being parallel stories set in the Silver Age. 

  8. @ctrosejr I thought so, last issue was ok, hard to keep up the level of the two that preceeded it

  9. I enjoyed the last issue and very much expect to enjoy this one.

  10. I’ve been consistently enjoying these, but in this case, I think the two parallel stories are just a bit too obvious (it maybe shouldn’t have been announced as such). And… I love the Doom Patrol and the Legion, but I found the match-up a bit dull. Maybe the Inferior Five and the Subs will be more fun. Fingers crossed.

  11. I love The Inferior Five so much!

  12. Really been enjoying this title.

  13. The only JMS B&B I don’t have is the Flash and Blackhawks.  All of the rest have been such a great and unique perspective of the DCU.  I’m really excited to see where he takes WW too.

  14. I have to read this issue to find out the mystery of the "pink puff" from the previous issue. 

  15. @misterckent: The Flash / Blackhawks was the issue for which JMS was nominated for the Eisner.  It was good and worth picking up if you can find it. 

    @daccampo: what was obvious about doing the parallel story?  Maybe I didn’t look at the solicits closely enough because I really didn’t realize he was going to do the parallel story until the last panel.  And, I had no exposure to either the Doom Patrol or the Legion, so for me, it was all new and interesting.  It’s the same this week with the I-Five and the Subs.  I am very excited about this.

  16. I find it really…odd that they chose to do a second part about this, especially since the first part was pretty much completely resolved. But, JMS has been doing good so far, so I’ll give it a shot.

  17. What a blast!

  18. This issue is brought to you by: Copyright Infringement!

    When JMS gets a chance to flex some of his humor muscles (close to the funny bone I think) then it’s a really good issue. This was my POTW for being funny and just showing why we need more ‘fun’ in our comics. I loved the Stephen Bawking jokes probably more then I should.


  19. @tnc my POTW as well just a good time!

  20. They forgot to pull this for me and I forgot to grab it off the shelves . . . I’ll check it out tomorrow and hope it is as good as the reviews.

  21. This was fun and Saiz nailed it, but I just wasn’t feeling it. 4/5 for me. Did Polar Boy even say a word? Also, I know most of the legion but… who was the girl in the black, they never worked in her name and she was the best in this issue. 

  22. @PraxJarvin: Polar Boy actually talked a lot in this issue. Just that his dialogue was so generic you wouldn’t notice.

  23. This was really fun!  I think I might go back and read the previous issue to see how they fit.  Anyone know who the next 2 to team up are?  This book might be a good way for me to get to know those unknown DC characters.

  24. This reminded me alot of a Futurama episode

  25. I thought this was good, even though it did nothing to redeem or enhance the first issue of the story, which I still thought was terrible.

  26. Fun, fun, fun.  I liked it better than the last issue.

    @Prax Jarvin – The unknown sub woman is Night Girl.

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