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Terrors of the deep! A horrifying lost city has risen at the bottom of the ocean, and Aquaman must call on the supernatural might of Etrigan, the Demon to stand between humanity and the dark menace that lurks inside that forgotten realm! It’s an undersea chiller like no other!

Written by J. Michael Straczynski
Art and cover by Jesus Saiz

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 4.7%


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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. I just love some classic Aquaman

  2. i’m giving this another shot. i didn’t like JMS’s first issue or the Joker/Atom one, but this team-up is tough to pass on.

  3. Can I pull 30 of these?

  4. Aquaman!

  5. Fuck yeah!!! Aquaman and The Demon! I think this could be my POW. AQUAMAN!!!!!!!!:)

  6. Been reading through the Peter David Aquaman run at the moment, and am so excited to see this!

  7. I thought Brother Power and Batman was a stretch. But JMS has got his work cut out for him.

    But who cares when Aquaman is involved? Anything with him in it will be gold. 

  8. I’ve loved JMS on this and really excited to see more.  I think he’ll bring this comic up in the sales, no problem.  Pick up the GL and Dr. Fate story and tell me he won’t. 

  9. this looks awesome

  10. I only read the last issue, with Joker and I liked it enough to warrant purchasing this one.

  11. Now is Saiz doing the art in this? Because last time it said that and it was completely wrong.

  12. Never mind I got the answer; he is doing the art.

  13. I can’t wait for this. I’ve already ruined two pairs of pants by just looking at that cover.

  14. This run has been great.  Given JMS’s attention span and his propensity for being screwed by crossovers I can’t think of a better format for his talents.  Every issue has been a 4 or a 5 on the ifanboy o’meter but this could be one of the best.  Everyone loves Aquaman but I’ve been an Etrigan fan since Swamp Thing…

  15. I’m thinking about dropping a book to start this. Are these one and dones good? I wanna be more familiar with DC characters and i’m wondering if these are true versions of the characters people love.

  16. Ah – the enigma that is Aquaman.
    Always seems that fanboys generally like/love Aquaman . . . but never support his own title enough to keep it afloat. (I thought Peter David had an excellent run – and John Arcudi had an interesting spin.)
    His appearances on the Brave & the Bold, have definitely given him a PR boost; According to convention reactions everywhere – he is the show’s fan favorite. 

    Yet to the general public, Aquaman is a joke.
    Maybe it’s just his connection with water that makes him harder to relate to — or write stories for. (Always seemed that the Submariner had the same problem – even without the Orange/Green outfit.)

    So when will DC finally promote this popular and well known character with a great writer and artist team?

  17. @Fvckstick
    J. Michael Straczynski’s run on this title is well above par and all have been one & done.
    Agree with Skeets, JMS’s weakest story was the Joker/Atom . . . could skip that one.

  18. This is why you don’t fuck with Aquaman. Great issue. Saiz is crazy good.

  19. Oh, this was just fantastic! Aquaman is one bad mother! Forget Superman, Forget Wonder Woman, Forget Geoff Johns. JMS/Saiz Aquaman book. Now. I’m waiting. Great art, great story, really brought the majesty back to the character and topped the Aquaman moment from Blackest Night #2! 5/5 for me and my POTW.

  20. I forgot! The blatant reference to Star Trek IV made me chuckle quite a bit.

  21. Aquaman Rebirth is just a feeble dream now…..But who’s to say JMS couldn’t do an ongoing for Aquaman?

    My POTW for a variety of reasons. Badass use for Aquaman and Etrigan. A Lovecraftian style story with some great horror moments. The art by Saiz was bang on as always (meaning absolutely gorgeous)….I could go on and on and on. Great series….I really think this is the best ongoing by DC right now. If JMS brings this type of quality to a ‘B’ level title; then how amazing is his Superman/Wonder Woman run going to be? 

  22. OH wow, was this ever out of left field… but… AWESOME!  I went back to the FLCS because of the ‘best panels of the week’ column and picked this up.  I’m so glad I did.  Great one-shot.  A total Lovecraftian homage (ripoff?  naw… homage) with two characters I would never have expected. 

  23. Everything was perfect except the cover isn’t thicker anymore. I don’t know what that is called, but I’m used to the thicker cover papers.

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