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Comics’ greatest archrivalry: The Joker and…The Atom?! The smallest hero in the DC Universe gets into the head of the biggest menace in all of Gotham City! Don’t miss an issue of the series that IGN calls “Fascinating… the work of a master comics storyteller!”

Written by J. Michael Straczynski
Art by Chad Hardin & Justiano
Cover by Jesus Saiz

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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. Now that’s a cover! (again)

    This is a weird team up, if you can even call it that judging from the solict. I wonder how crazy this is gonna go?

  2. #30 was the first of this series I’ve read and it was amazing.

  3. This "team up" has me interested.  I will probably pick this up.

  4. Loves me some Ray Palmer!

  5. Really jazzed for this. Has the potential to be awesome.

  6. I’m looking foward to this more than any other book this week.

  7. This and Secret Six are by far my favorite non-Vertigo DC books.

  8. This will be the first JMS Brave and Bold for me. Probably grab some back issues too.

  9. I’ve been waiting for this issue as soon as I saw the cover for it. Hope it delivers.

  10. Great Cover and Very Very Interesting Premise.

  11. I lost interest in this title long ago; The stories just weren’t interesting enough and the interaction between the characters was weak. I considered this title to be irrelevant like many other team up titles, like Superman/Batman.
    But since JMS has gotten onboard B&B, this title is now a must read.  The writing is some of Straczynski’s best work ever — and Jesus Saiz’s artwork is just hauntingly beautiful. After reading issue #29 with Batman & Brother Power, seeing how well that odd couple was handled — this is the issue I will read first this week.

  12. I really should give this book a try… maybe if it ever comes out on a light week…

  13. At first I thought this was just a good book. You know 3/5 for the most part. It didn’t help that Jesus Saiz was NOT the artist and the solict was wrong. But then something hit me with one of the panels on this.

    It’s all a theory right now but…..I think this was an origin for the Joker we saw in ‘The Dark Knight’. Maybe that one panel confused me a bit, it could’ve been all an homage for all I know. Either way I took it as an origin for that specific Joker. So I re-read it again and I loved it. Not the best issue of this entire run so far, but thinking about it made it work for me.

    So a soild 4/5 book.

  14. I. Actually. Liked. This. Art. Better. Than. Saiz.

  15. @TNC-It was an homage.


    This was amazing, despite the lack of Saiz.

  16. @NathanNicdao-Sorry, that was meant as a joke. But after reading it again, it sounds pretty dickish. My bad!

  17. @drake: If it is an homage then it is awkwardly placed in here.

  18. @TNC-All homages can feel awkwardly placed because you can spot then right away when you see them.

  19. I really enjoyed this issue. Like you appreciate good art. But it felt a little lifeless. It’s an old story, and it’s been done before with the Joker (See: Joker the Last Laugh). As well, nothing about the Atom felt like this was Ray Palmer to me. It could have been anyone. 5/5 but more of a 4.5

    @TNC, Drake This is meant to be a "timeless" Joker story. He’s wearing the Batman: TAS joker costume based on the colors, yet there’s that homage to Dark Night (which took me right out of the book, let me tell you. And I enjoyed the movie immensely.)

  20. @Drake : Nah. It’s fine. I just liked the art.

  21. Best Brave and the Bold since the Hawkman/Nightwing team-up.

  22. @Prax/Drake: Well I agree that if it is an homage, then it is so out of place. I mean JMS really didn’t do that at all for the rest of the issue. It had to be his idea since he wrote it into the issue.

    Either way it was a great comic as always. Just weird how it confused me like that.

  23. @TNC How do you know he wrote it into the issue? He could have wrote "Panel 1: Joker fights Batman" for all you know. 

  24. @PraxJarvin: That’s generally not how comic writing works. Especially since there was dialogue in the panel.

  25. @Prax: Yeah, what @conor is saying. I mean if it was just a silent panel then I would agree it was the artist decision. But JMS wrote the lines "comeoncomeonIwantyoutodoit. Hit me! HIT ME!"

    So it was his idea.

  26. @conor Very true. (Though there’s the whole "Marvel Style" of writing comics in which that could be true.) My point is more for devil’s advocate sake than actual belief that he didn’t write it. 

  27. Anybody else found the ending really light?

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