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Written by J. Michael Straczynski
Art by Chad Hardin & Justiano
Cover by Jesus Saiz

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

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Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. i totally agree it feel a lot like the dark knight joker. the art was abit of a let down.

  2. This has to be an origin for Dark Knight Joker.

    Cause that panel is so out of place if it isn’t.

  3. "Who’s to say other superheroes don’t exist in those films?" Nolan. He’s stated it a few times. In fact the theme of Dark Knight doesn’t work if there are. I think you’re reading too much into a homage scene that might not even have been in JMS’s script, it follows closely after the big "Joker commits crimes montage." As well, the visual design for Joker doesn’t at all match that of the Dark Knight Joker. He’s dressed like the Batman Animated Series Joker with the same hair and sharp-edged face. While it’s perfectly fine for you to like this as the origin or to take it away, I don’t think that’s at all the intention. For me, I found the scene jarring and it took me out of the book – which is what leads me to believe it was artistic interpretation. Good review.

    As for the artists, one of them is clearly the artist for the "real world" and "flash back" scenes while the other is the artist for the "Inside Joker" portions. I’m pretty sure the colorist persists through both of them. (The distinction comes when the panels go borderless.) 

  4. @Prax: I couldnt tell the transition but now that you sorta specifiy it, I can see it now.

    But if it is just an homage, then I find it to be oddly placed. I mean it has to be in JMS’s script otherwise why would it be in there? If it was just a silent panel then yeah, I would think it’s just an homage. But if JMS wrote the scene to be like Dark Knight, then I wanna think it’s just an origin.

    Although it could just be an homage…..I’m confuse now. lol

  5. Saiz’s art tends to be very shiny for me. I think the art was better.

    Yeah, whatever the role of the TDK panel is, it shouldn’t be there. I’m sure JMS can tell a story about the TDK Joker’s origin without resorting into that. But I admit, TDK Joker Origin makes alot more sense than if it is not. Thanks for pointing that out @TNC. Now I have to read this again.

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