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  1. Heck yes. I’ve been waiting for this issue since I first saw the cover in the solicits. I’m excited to see JMS’ take on Hal.

  2. I’m giving this a shot cause Dr. Fate has always intrigued me

  3. *sings* Greatest cover in the world……Oh how much I love thee.

    Seriously I want to make this my pick just on the cover. Good god where has Jesus Saiz been all my life!?

  4. @TNC: Spain.

  5. This book only has 55 pulls? Wowzers. A lot of people are missing out on some good comics, right here.

  6. Does anyone know how long JMS is staying on the book?

  7. @kmob181-Until the end of time.  But seriously, DC hasn’t announced any changes, so it’s safe to say he will be on for the forseeable future.

  8. @drakedangerz – Thanks.  Very nice.  I have enjoyed the first three immensely.

  9. Very cool. I wonder which version of Dr. Fate this will be, though. As Steve Gerber’s passing left the current iteration unfinished more or less. I’ve really only read the Hector Hall version of the character. Great cover. Very good book, too. 

  10. @Prax…  He passed, but Gail Simone and a few others finished Countdown to Mystery.  Then there was the Reign in Hell debacle where he learned more about his powers.  Now, he’s part of the JSA ready to learn more.  He’s very powerful, but not very skillful yet.

  11. @misterckent I read the final issue of Countdown to Mystery, but it was more of a "jam" issue than a true ending if I recall. I didn’t read Reign in Hell and I dropped JSA after 27, so that explains why I haven’t seen him since.

  12. Another amazing issue.

    JMS is just constantly proving that he is the smartest writer in the business. I love it how this is just now a series about serious discussions and questions. Sure I would like a little more action in comics, but this doesn’t need action to make it a great title. I said it in my review but this does feel like the ‘My Dinner with Andre’ of comic books. Something entertaining for being something quite different.

  13. Quite a good issue. Probably the best issue of Brave and the Bold yet. It’s definitely a character piece more than an action piece. As well, it’s tied into continuity which was interesting to see. 5/5 for me. Not sure what my POTW will be yet, but this is in the running. I did think JMS’s Hal Jordan was a little tame, but that’s quite all right.


    A note to readers: The Kent Nelson depicted in this book is the original Doctor Fate, not the current iteration running around the DC universe. They’re both named Kent Nelson, but the new one is unrelated to the original.

  14. I really liked this. Probably my favorite of his issues so far. 

  15. I’m in love with this art, the colors are just amazing.

  16. Who can write a comic book issue based on conversations of the apparently reciprocal characters? JMS

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