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Reading this new take on Brave and the Bold with JMS it leaves me wondering something: Why does JMS write for comics? Some of the moments I read in this series is just so damn beautiful and poetic. Straczynski could easily be an amazing novel writer if he wanted to leave the industry.* I’m not asking if he do that right now, this issue of Brave and the Bold makes me want to see JMS stay on this forever.

Now I am not big on the adventures of Dr. Fate, I didn’t even know the Kent Nelson (the original) is now dead. But this issue totally makes up for my lack of knowledge by placing it during Justice League International. I am a little slow on reading that series, but I did read those issues that take place during this story and I gotta imagine anyone who loved International is just drooling over this premise. Granted it doesn’t all take place during this timeline, but it’s a nice little nod to the fans who remember Dr. Fate’s place in the series.

I have a good feeling that some readers are going to find this issue particularly preachy. There is very little fighting in this and JMS makes a point to have no action by making Dr. Fate get rid of the threat early on. What this issue is about is…..well Fate. Hal is trying to make Nelson remember this situation in the past (it’s complicated to explain if you didn’t read the issue) so he doesn’t have to die later. Obviously Nelson would like to continue living and stay with his wife, but he knows his place in the universe and basically it’s a debate about Fate. If there is one person that can make this type of situation deep and interesting then it’s JMS. Every single moment of this issue I just couldn’t get enough of and JMS brings up some good discussions for the topic.

There would have to be more time to explain why Jesus Saiz is the best artist in the business right now. It’s amazing how in just four short months, I would be saying there is an artist better then Quitely, Reis, and Sciver. But Saiz is just proving time and again how talented he is. The whole beginning is just so beautiful and I’m pretty sure Saiz is trying to draw in the style of Kevin Maguire which is a bonus. I just can’t think of any more specifics thought because every single panel is just beautiful. There is something to note here though, Saiz is not coloring this time around. Brian Miller does it this time and although it still is a gorgeous looking book and the coloring is still the same; you can tell the difference quite easily this time around.

Sure there could be more action in this, but I don’t really care. JMS and Saiz has given DC, quite possibly, the best title for the company. It’s a smart comic book, that’s really all you can say about it. No big dumb fun or just random moments; just a smart conversation every week. It’s like the ‘My Dinner with Andre’ of comic books; just no Wallace Shawn to be apart of it.

*I know JMS did a couple of novels but he really didn’t stick with writing prose.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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