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  1. Ah another installment of a series that is quickly becoming my favorite. Little surprised that JMS is going back to Batman already. But with Saiz drawing this, who cares? I would kill to see Saiz draw any of the DCU characters right now.

    Who is this Brother Power though? Anyone have any ideas?

  2. Yeah, I wasn’t expecting another Batman team-up so soon, but I ain’t complaining. 

    Gorgeous cover too.

  3. From the thumbnail on the page, I thought this was Batman/Black Lantern Aquaman Team-Up. Which would have been awesome. 😉 Still, this has been fun, if a little corny. Hope there’s less of a message.

  4. @TNC: silver age character. Neil Gaiman later used a version of him in his vertigo work. 

  5. @Prax-The moral of this story is going to be to not take medicine that is not prescribed to you.

  6. @Win: Ah I see now. Thank you

    @drake: No no no. The moral will be not to put a fork in the electrical socket.

  7. Another soild entry for the series and I think after 3 issues; it’s definite to say (for me at least) that this is one of the better titles to come out of DC.

    Brother Power is such a weird character and it was obvious from page one that he one fit in to a certain generation. The only reason this wasnt my pick because some of the 60s lingo got a bit old for me. However, the crux of the story with Batman and the history of Brother Power was more then enough to keep me interested.

    More amazing work by Saiz as well. Great pencils as always and I love his coloring, some of the best coloring in a comic right here. Perfect shades of orange, yellow, blue, and black to set the tone of each panel.

    I am torn now on what is my favorite series. Batman and Robin, Incredible Hercules, or this.

  8. @TNC-I enjoyed this issue as well, but story-wise it was my least favorite.  Still good stuff, and amazing Saiz art.  He is quickly becoming one of my favorite artist.

  9. @drake: Yeah…..I would say out of the three this is my least favorite, in terms of the idea. But JMS still made the team up work and it was another soild issue.

    I wonder if we’re gonna see more of Brother Power in the future?

  10. This was by far the most "blah" the books been since JMS took over.

  11. great art but a horrid strory that reminded my why i hate those damn hippies

  12. Yeah, the story was a bit lacking this issue. I don’t know why, it felt fairly forced. Still, great art. A solid 4 for me.

  13. Wanted to jump on board this week but forgot to reserve a copy at my LCS which sold out.  Did pickup the first two though…will see how they roll.

  14. @kmob181-Hope you enjoy the issues!

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