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  1. I love that JMS is going with more obsucre parrings rather than just cashing in on just the A-listers.  Can’t wait to read this and get more gorgeous Saiz art.

  2. Awesome. I love the Blackhawks and I love Barry Allen. Spin that gold Rumple-Straczynski! Also, Jesus Saiz art is awesome. 

  3. Loved last issue and this pairing sounds great. You don’t see the Blackhawks often and I’m sure JMS will make it interesting. Also, by the cover alone you can tell Saiz is gonna make this look beautiful.

  4. Last issue was surprisingly good(except for Batman’s lame speech and him just waltzing out in the daylight). So i think I’m gonna give it a couple more issues.

  5. Are all these issues one-shots?

  6. @stepho Yes. Just like the classic series. At least for the first few issues.

  7. Very few writers (JMS is one) would make me want to read a Barry Allen/Blackhawks team-up book.

  8. Damn you, TNC.

  9. @Rustyautoparts-I say that all the time too. 😉

  10. @Rustyautoparts: Your gonna thank me later 🙂

    In fact, ALL of you will thank me later! Mwah hahahaha!!!!

  11. This was my pick of the week again for:

    Fantastic writing

    Amazing pencils

    Beautiful coloring

    Plus for being an all around incredible comic book. If it wasn’t for ‘Batman and Robin’ this would be my favorite series coming out from DC. Your really missing out on a great comic book here if your not reading it.

  12. This was the first Brave and the Bold i’ve picked up in months.. but i must say I agree with TheNextChampion 100% I will now be on the hunt for back issues.


    P o t W

  13. err back ISSUE rather. I didn’t notice that this was only the second issue by Straczynski and Jesus Saiz.

  14. I thought this was really good, but just the slightest bit corny and over the top. The art was fantastic, but the writing just felt the slightest bit too much for me. Still a brilliant comic, though. 4/5 for me.

  15. Yeah, JMS is making these a little too corny and really trying too hard with those endings.  These issues are starting out strong, but just sort of fizzle for me.  Still, better than most of the stuff I’m picking up and great artwork.  The few scenes where Flash was running though, they looked a bit too stiff for my liking.

  16. I didn’t pick up the last issue but this one I enjoyed. The art was great and the colors where fantastic. Though I do agree with the corny complaint, but it’s not enough to keep me away from the next issue.

  17. @Drake That’s the word I was looking for, corny. I read through this again, and it just doesn’t do it for me. This is a good thing, as it’s one less title I need to agonize about affording.

  18. I’m really enjoying JMS’s stuff on Brave and the Bold. It is kind of corny but it’s simple and fun superhero comics at their best.

  19. Is this run a bit corny so far? Yes.

    But I honestly don’t mind. Maybe JMS is being a bit preachy with his messages but the messages he’s stating in both issues so far have been important. This time it wasn’t as melodramatic as Batman just going on a poetic rant for two pages. If this is the tone that JMS is going to stay with for this run then I won’t mind it one bit.

  20. Another solid issue, but if this is in continuity … Barry Allen is a killer! *high pitch girl scream*

  21. One of my main problems with JMS’s writing is that he always puts heavy handed pretentious/corny(all the cool kids are saying it) morals/meanings in his stories. Like Batman’s speech about what makes a hero and Flash learning that WW2 vets were real heroes. it seem the man doesn’t know the meaning of the word subtle. That all being said I’m loving the silver age vibe of the book, Both the stories have been very fun and the art has been fantastic. All in all its a good book that i think i’ll stick with for a couple more issues.

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