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  1. I’m really debating if i should pick this up. I liked Midnight Nation but, hated JMS’s Spider-Man. I do like Saiz’s art, though   

  2. For all you kids out there, here comes Dial H for Hero!

    I completely forgot about JMS’s run on this. If my shop has an extra copy (which I’m sure they will) I’m gonna try it. I’m usually trade waiting on this new version of B&TB but I’ve enjoyed all of the trades.

  3. Which Batman is this?

  4. @Heroville: It’s probably Bruce. This is a timeless book.

  5. Wasn’t the biggest fan of B&B in this iteration, it’s been far more miss than hit for me. That said, I’m a JMS fan and I know his stated pet universe is DC, so I’ll be curious to see where he takes these characters. 


  7. I’ve really liked B&B using the Milestone characters, as it made for some fun books.  I would like this book to go back to it’s format of Batman with a new hero every month.  I would enjoy that so much.

  8. Hmmm, I might try this out.  I’ll make a decision at the store.

  9. I bet most people have no idea who ‘Dail H for Hero’ is when they pick this up.

    I’m shocked JMS knows who that is…

  10. There was a Dial H mini series… 3… maybe 4 years ago, TNC. As well, I stated above JMS has said a few times he prefers DC and wanted to work with the characters there.

  11. FINALLY! Seems like JMS was announced on this title about 73 years ago. One of my favourite writers is finally writing some DC stuff! Very awesome.

  12. @PraxJarvin: There was a mini series!? Where can I find this!!!???

  13. I’m sure JMS will be doing more DC work now that he is off Thor.  If I remember correctly, his dream is to write Superman.  So maybe he will once the World of New Krypton stuff wraps up?

    Anyways, I took a quick peek at the preview and I’ll be picking this up tonight

  14. Call me crazy……okay I am crazy.

    But this was my pick of the week without question. JMS wrote a brilliant comic that didn’t focus on the actual team up. Call it false advertising but this was more about how a man became a loser to hero with a simple device. Art by Saiz was also very good; especially love his take on the Joker.

    If this issue is any indication, this series is going to be amazing with JMS on board.

  15. Really well done, I gave it 5 stars.  It seems JMS went with a different take on Batman.  It was a bit jarring, but fit his story.  I’ll keep reading this

  16. Really liked this. Hope it continues to be this good.

  17. Excellent issue. 5/5. Drake is right, though, Bruce Batman seems to be the slightest bit off his normal portrayal (but more in line with 60s Batman, so yay for me.) but it doesn’t effect the overall story. It’s great to see a done-in-one that is also really, really effective. And Saiz’s art was really cool. His Batman feels decidedly animated but meshes with similar depictions from Nguyen. Not close to being my POTW, but I liked this a bit better than Streets of Gotham.

    @TNC You may not know, but the original Brave and the Bold would sometimes do "non-team-up team-ups" from time to time. Or it would involve two heroes solving the same problem without every knowing they helped each other (ala classic or Morrisonian Seven Soldiers). 

  18. @PraxJarvin Well the trade for the David Hine run is kinda like that. Where it’s a Green Lantern/Phantom Stranger arc but it was advertised with Green Arrow as the main team. Of course Arrow was involved with the outcome, but he didnt show up till the last issue.

    I’m excited that JMS is going to do more bizarre team ups. It starts with this issue but the next one apparently has The Flash meeting up with the Blackhawks.

  19. @TNC Being a Hal/Ollie fan, I picked it up despite not really liking Hine. The story was… good?… but yeah, they alternated mastheads, if I recall correctly, so that two of the issues were GL+Phantom Strange and two were + GA.

  20. @Prax: Your right, GA does come around the second half. Still considering his place in the plot it’s very minor compared to Hal and Phantom.

  21. eh

  22. I enjoyed this book so much! Just loved the story, it was so well written. Cany wait for the next issue.


  23. I was surprised how good this was. My only real problem was Batmans lame speech at the end otherwise a fun superhero comic.

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