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Straczynski phoned this one in.

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  1. Wow, would love to know why.

  2. Hey, my actual review didn’t show up! Maybe it doesn’t show up if it’s too short. My review was just one line:

    "Straczynski phoned this one in."

    Yeah — I’m a clever guy. But to answer your question, this book started out strong (the Joker stuff was great), but I felt it just got more and more trite as it went along. All the themes were baldly stated, there was not subtext or subtlety. And that last page read like an after-school special. Ugh. It just wasn’t my thing.

    And — being honest — if this had been some unknown writer, I probably would have given it a 2. But I’m a big Straczynski fan, and I’ve been looking forward to him taking over this title for a while now. This was definitely my most-anticipated book this week, so it was a big let-down. But I’ll still pick up the next one, and see if this issue was just an aberration.


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