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  1. I can’t wait for this one!  Has anyone seen the preview pages?  Looks just great!  I love Jerry Ordway drawing Supes.

  2. I was more than pleasantly surprised at those preview pages – it makes me sad to see so many people jumping ship with this issue based on the departure of Perez. I haven’t been overly impressed with Ordway as of late (those Birds of Prey covers – OOF!) but this looks like he’s really bringing his A-game.

    This may be my favorite book being published right now – a great monthly read with tons of characters and character moments and beautiful art to match. The only thing missing is a letter column.

  3. I’m gonna really miss Perez, but I’m sticking with the book for now.

  4. bo perez? dropped

  5. I agree. This book is all about old-school Brave & Bold love. I guess you younger whipper-snappers don’t appreciate it, but i loved me some Brave & Bold (and DC Comics Presents) back in the day…you never knew who was going to show up next. One minute it’s Batman & Kamandi, next week it’s Deadman! Ordway is bringing his A-game and everyone who is bailing: give it a chance!

  6. Easily met my expectations..  Can’t wait to see the conclusion!

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