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  1. Regarding Ultraman’s Mixyezplitlik turning impish on Earth-One (or whatever this one is called) but not Ultraman himself, I would say this is realted to the makeup of the 5th-dimension beings. It hints at a possible explanation for Superman’s Mxy’s behavior too.

    I have to say I am really enjoying this series and I had no problem with this issue. Now, I have been reading them in bunches. I misplaced my copy of #10 until this came out so I read them both through more-or-less one after the other. That seems to be happening over and over for me with this title. But it actually helps to read the issues together since there are several threads running through them.

    I was disappointed that Perez wasn’t doint the art this issue, but Ordway pretty well made me forget about that. I think this is Waid at the best I’ve seen him in many years. It’s sad that he’s not going to be with DC any more. It looks to be a very good swan song though.

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