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  1. I’ve been curious about B.P.R.D., would this issue be a good jumping on point?  

  2. I’m sure that you could jump on. Do yourself a favor and get over to MySpace/Dark Horse Presents and read the free BPRD 2-parter on the site (issue 7-8?). It’ll lead right into this issue. If you must know more, Hellboy vol.1 and BPRD vol. 3 & 5 will get you everything. The great thing about BPRD is that its history doesn’t make it too difficult for new readers to jump on. You could always pick up a Hellboy: Companion to fill you in, if you decide that you get hooked on this issue.

  3. I want to but I can’t. Mr. Trimpe is a nice guy and all, but he’s one of the artists I use as an example of why ANY artist today is better than almost anyone from the 70s. He’s just not very good.

    First Mignolaverse book I won’t be buying.

  4. the title alone is brillant. can’t wait.

  5. Just read the free BPRD at myspace.com/darkhorsepresents (#8 & #9). Looking forward to jumping on to see where this story goes. Fan of Hellboy. Looking forward to it!

  6. As a starting point for someone that has not been into the series, I must say It wasnt enought to hook me or keep me wanting for more. I wont drop it just yet, though.

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