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  1. so glad that they are coming back to this. killing ground ended on such a cliffhanger imo. it was nice reading BPRD 1946 but I’ve been wanted to read what happened after killing ground

  2. I’ve been off BRPD for a while, but coming back for this

  3. As someone who hasn’t read any BPRD but has read the first 4 Hellboy trades will this be a good jumping on point?

  4. @headnOOb

    no, this is definitly not the the place to jump back on. go back and check the trades of BPRD. It’s really it’s own story since Hellboy only makes a small appearance I think in the beginning but it’s all about the BPRD team of liz, abe, roger (in the beginning), johann kraus, and Ben Daimio. It’s a good read imo. like x-men in a way but in the hellboy universe. so just go and check the trades cause you will probably be confused on what exactly is going on

  5. @thefragilenin

    Damn. I was really looking forward to hoping on. Guess I will check out the trades.

  6. I disagree. Just jump on the title! SO WHAT if you don’t get every reference.

    Wikipedia what you don’t know…just get out there and enjoy the book.

  7. Yeah, with all the talk about Mignolaverse, I’m giving this one a shot, though I’ve never read BPRD before.   If it looks interesting, I’ll backtrack in the trades. 

  8. @AlexG I will pick it up and see how it goes. I am at least going to get the first trad and see how I like it.

  9. Maybe it’s because I’m not that familiar with B.P.R.D. but this was’nt as enjoyable as "The Ectoplasmic Man".

  10. @ headn00b

    pick it up and go with it. i’ve read most everything Mignolaverse and even the references have references. this is an on going arc and to be honest, its all writen for the trade and sometimes is frusterating to read in issues. but i love it and need them now, so i buy it in issue.

  11. Just jumped on with BPRD this week with this one, war on frogs #1 and Johann’s one-shot orgin issue.

    Definitely going to go back and pick up trades as soon as I can.

  12. I also highly recommend BPRD: 1946 to anyone new to the Mignolaverse.  It, obviously, takes place before all of the other BPRD stuff, so its great even if you haven’t read and of the other BPRD stuff. It has beautiful art and a great spooky vampire, nazi, demon-in-a-little-girl-body story.

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