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BOYS #32

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  1. ?

  2. Not Butcher’s Dog!

    So, the Female really is dead? Unless 1.) She isn’t really, or 2.) They use her death to examine who she was, etc. in the next arc, I think that was kind of a waste. The Female has always been a pretty mysterious character to me and it seemed like one of the big payoffs of the series was to get to learn more about her.


  3. Frenchie’s gonna bring her back from the dead!?!

  4. I’m getting the rest of the issues once I read volume four!  I wanna read this too much to wait for volume five.

  5. Josh is now definitely not going to pick this up anymore 🙂

  6. Last issue was return to form excited to see this step up in intensity

  7. It’s gonna be a blood bath.  Frenchie and co. will definitely not take this laying down.  There will be blood!

  8. saw the preview shes in a coma not dead

  9. Starlights new outfit is absolutely hilarious

  10. Lots of fun in this issue.  But I wonder what will Ennis use to fill up the rest of the run.  Two out of the three biggest teams in this universe have been crippled at least, and we are only half done with the series.

  11. Oh I’m sure he’ll come up with something pretty sweet.

  12. i think its leading up to a butting of heads with butcher an hughie

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