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  1. ya know, i never thought i would say this, but i love booster gold.

  2. The worst part about this book is Johns is leaving it in a little while.  This makes me a sad panda.

  3. Here’s hoping John Rogers will be taking over this one when Johns and Katz finish their run – it’s about the only thing that would soften the blow of him leaving Blue Beetle. Both books have been fantastic monthly reads, even with the fact that we’re all just waiting for the other shoe to drop with Ted.

  4. I didnt enjoy the Zero Hour crossover, but hopefully this will get the story back on track.

  5. I’m thinking of picking the previous and this issue up. But can i read it with no background on 52 or what so ever?

  6. @YannickV  To be honest, I read 52, and I still can’t figure out some parts.  That being said, it’s still totally worth picking up.  It’s just plain fun.

  7. @YannickV sure im reading it without any knowlege of 52 and so far its been going fine.

  8. @YannickV YES go out and get this book and if you ever meet Geoff Johns tell him to leave some other book and keep writing this one.  Tell him that you know people that he is making into sad pandas by leaving this book.  Also inform him that he’s not allow to leave Green Lantern either.  This too would make me a sad panada.

  9. Johns is going to be on GL at least until 2009 because thats when his Blackest Night storyline is going to hit.

  10. I’d wait for the trade YannickV  … will be so much better for you than just picking up the last two issues.

  11. Just excellent stuff and, like Dante, I’d be happy for John Rogers to come on board if the whole script team is leaving. And the art gets better – Dan Jurgens is looking clean again. I like shiny Dan – if Norm Rapmund goes, bring in his old regular inker, Brett Breeding.

  12. This was another great one!  This book has everything.  I don’t know how they can continue without Johns.  I think it may be better to end it than to continue without him.  I don’t see how they can keep it going…

  13. love this series but this was probably the weakest of the seven … 4/5 … still a great read…. I fear for Ted’s safety.

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