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Reading Booster Gold this week only made me sad.  This book, next to Green Lantern, is hands down one of the best books being published by DC Comics.  You may call me crazy, but I do not have more fun then reading this book.  It makes me sad to know that Geoff Johns has said at one point he will be leaving this book.  It will be incredibly hard for anyone to fill his shoes as writer on this.

I must mention that this book to me shows how Johns, in my opinon, NOT Bendis is the master of dialog.  This book has more back and forth between so many characters than I’ve seen in a little while and everyone sounds like they have a distinct voice to me.  Something that reminds me of why Johns is my favorite writer.

This string continued this week.  Booster Gold is now back with Blue Beetle and everything has been screwed up because of it.  All we have to say is Rip warned that “Ass Clown” what would happen.

This week we also see the return of some of the villains to be in this book for a little while.  They even have a spiffy name and headquarters.  I am interested to see where this is going. 

What I am more interested in is the return of the JLI which is suppose to eventually happen in this story.  Oh it’s gonna be good.

Lastly something I wanted to mention about the art by Jurgens and Rapmund.  I don’t know if Johns is putting the fear of god in these two, but honestly this is some of the best work I’ve seen Jurgens do in a while.  Which makes me happy because his artwork reminds me of a special time in my youth and comics.  This can also be coupled with the fact that Booster Gold was a favorite character of mine during my childhood.  The moment he won me over was when he was the first to take a hit from Doomsday and survive unscathed.  To see Jurgens doing such a fantastic job on a book again is great.  All though this could be all Rapmund finishing up, I’m not sure, one can hope though.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good

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