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  1. Is this title good?  I read the first graphic novel and loved it but I remember hearing this got a new team working on it or something so I didn’t know if it was still all that great.

  2. @CharlieBlix: This title is great! The last issue was the last one with Geoff Jones/Dan Jurgens writing it, and from what I’ve heard they have Dixon doing this and the next ish, to be followed by Rick Remender for the next two or three issues, then Dan Jurgens is gonna take over. I’m not a 100%, but I think thats what I read/heard. Hopefully they’ll keep the tone/direction consistant, cause I love this book to bits!

  3. I’m actually scared for this title. This is one of those titles, briefly stated on the pull article, that I am reading rather then buying. Sure it’s got 3 great writers going on board. Dixon is good at humor and anything he did before he got blantly screwed over was pretty good. Remender is a fucked up man; but does some of the best indie titles out there. Even if his story is a little tame in his standards, it cant be bad.

    But this series just seemed to be the reigns for Johns and only him. It’s not like anyone else that I know is perfect for writing the man….So hopefully this doesn’t get sunk in the waves of other DC titles.

  4. I KNOW Chuck Dixon will do a great job here; that I don’t doubt. What does make me skurred for this book is the direction it’ll take into the future. It’s been a "top of the stack" book for so long for me. Here’s to hoping it can keep that up.

  5. I think this book has potential to be just great great… These next few will really decide this, but this book can really just open up any creator to just do a story or an arc that will just be fun and exciting and possible DC awesomeness…

  6. Happy to say Dixon did a fine job with this. Booster was hilarious in his comments to the henchman while playing Killer Moth, some of the funniest moments in the series yet. 

  7. This is a great issue! Anything with a Barbara Gordon Batgirl is aces in my book.

  8. I liked seeing the 60’s TV show batmobile

  9. this was awesome. i have been following Booster since forever. he was awesome in 52 and now this series is amazing. i definately reccommend picking it up. loved the new team on it but alas i do miss Geoff Johns…

  10. I think this book flies under the radar, and that’s a shame.

  11. I don’t usually read this, and even though time-travel stories can make my head hurt a bit, this was a fun issue.

  12. @Kory: the bug mobile was great too.

  13. Great issue. Yet again Dixon shows his greatness.

  14. this title is awesome.

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