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  1. I think I liked this the best of the 3 minis so far.

  2. Who would have thought Hawk and Dove would be one of the most fascinating components of Blackest Night? Not I.

  3. JT Krul is not a great writer, but he managed to make me care about the Titans, which is more than anyone else has been able to do since Johns left the book and Wolfman left all those years ago.

    @stuclach Nor I. 

  4. More Zombie ass shots. Benes is sick.

  5. @MarkS – Do you mean sick as in good or sick as in Saw VI?  I can’t keep up with you kids and your lingo.  The man has been drawing ass shots for years.  You can’t expect him to change just because the women are dead.  Besides, necrophiliacs need comics they can relate to.  Otherwise we will miss the coveted necrophiliac male ages 18-35 demographic.

  6. Well, at least there was no ass shots of the zombie baby. Too far? … probably.

    So, is it time we comics fans do what we do best & rank things? Like Blackest Night tie-ins?

    OK! here’s mine. Not counting, the main book, Green Lantern or Corps’ …

    1. BN: Batman

    2. BN: Titans

    3. BN: Superman

    4. BN:Celebrities (actually this would be #1 on my list if they did it)

  7. So what’s going on with Hawk and Dove? I haven’t been paying attention

  8. @Edward

    Simply put, Hank (the original Hawk) killed Holly (new Hawk) at the end of the first issue, and now they’re trying to kill Dawn (the second Dove).  For some reason, they can’t read her emotions.  She appears as white to them and the black ring’s text box has a scribble instead of any kind of emotion.  Also, as shown in Blackest Night #2, Don (the original Dove) can’t be risen because he is "at peace."

    I can’t really remember what happened in the second issue though… 

  9. Maybe the key to being a while Lantern is to have white hair.

  10. @stuclach – Sick as in "get yo zombie ass outta my face"

    Seriously, Zombie porn? Who goes there?
    Ed Benes, that’s who.
    I guess it’s all the same to him.

    Papa Perez will show him how it’s done on that slamming variant cover.

  11. @MarkS – Thank you for clarifying.  I will now feel dirty if I inadvertently (?) look at zombie ass.

  12. I wonder if there will be a new Hawk and Dove or just a new Hawk.

  13. Interesting read. I thought it had it’s moments, but fell a little short of home. I gave this a 4/5. Still not quite sure about the baby-bite thing. There was that one very cool, very sad page with Donna. And Dove’s development is quite interesting. I think this was the most consistent of the three minis, though not the best. 

  14. My 2 year old son droped a fish tank on this book before I could finish reading it.  I got about 10 books this week, and my toddler goes after the evil-baby-book.  Hmm…  I’m looking forward to finishing this book when it dries out. 

  15. This book kicked zombie ass. It was good and also had a very key element that’s spoilish so i won’t write it here. But if you’re reading this mini series you should read this issue of this mini-mini series.

  16. 5/5. Awesome. what a rope-a-dope! All the while our eyes have been on BN Supes and Bats. While THIS is the most important tie-in so far. What I worry, is that the first three tie-ins all had clues to the Black Lanterns weaknesses Bats: no heartbeat, Supes: Emotional overload and the white light of peace in Titans. I fear that the rest of the ties ins will just be $ grabbers with no real story..

  17. The Dove effect was cool.  Can’t wait to see how it is used in the main book.

  18. @brassai2003

    I have a feeling the Flash mini will be useful since Barry seems to have taken over the main Blackest Night book, as well as it being written by Johns.  Can’t say I expect anything from the Wonder Woman or JSA minis though…  -SPOILER- except for the fact that Wonder Woman is clearly a Black Lantern on the cover of the second issue.

  19. @slockhart That’s probably Hippolyta, WW’s mother. 

  20. Potential spoilers…


    Good point, but there’s also a picture of Blackest Night figures with Wonder Woman silhouetted, so that has me wondering, no pun intended.

  21. I would have liked if the Dove thing was explained … but other than that I have no complaints. Good issue & also a pretty good overall series.

    I hope we find out what was up with Dove in the main Blackest Night book (or somewhere)! 

  22. @wadewilson She has access to the White Light of Creation. And judging by how the only two characters who seem to have access to it are Dove’s, I’m guessing it’s associated with the concept of Peace.

  23. good mini

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