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Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins continue this must-have BLACKEST NIGHT tie-in! The Flashes find themselves more tangled into Nekron’s ultimate plan than they could ever have imagined. Meanwhile, it’s a well-known fact that Captain Cold hates running. But when the Rogues of the past rise to claim those that still survive, he has no choice!

Written by Geoff Johns
Art and cover by Scott Kolins
Variant cover by Francis Manapul

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.0%


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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. I LOVE that cover.  Promising.

  2. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Love me some Rogues!

  3. i’ll be honest, i don’t get all the love for the rogues.

    still excited for this book

  4. I love Flash’s Rogues. Sometimes I prefer their stories and can’t help but root for them to beat that pesky Flash!

  5. The first issue was good, not great but enjoyable.

    @edward More so than even Batman or Spider-Man’s Rogues, Flashes rogues tend to be more well rounded and have deeper personalities. And more of them have actual reasons for being evil other than "Whoops, fell in a vat of chemicals."
  6. actually, i’m not getting this. Too much blackest night for me, i think

  7. The Flash rogues are bitchin’. Good stuff.

  8. But aren’t the Flash Rogues just sorta like a group of sad sacks–however dangerous, sometimes–that the fans love to snicker at? They seem inherently goofy, easily lending themselves to twitter parodies or whatever.

    The hype of this stuff has reached a new high. Now people are saying they’re better than Batman’s Rogues gallery?? That’s like saying Snakes on a Plane was better than (the first) Star Wars.

    Glad you guys like this, though. I’ve tried three times (Rogues Revenge #1, Rebirth #1, BN Flash #1) to get into Johns’ Flash, but it doesn’t seem that great or unique to me. Not bad by any means. But I don’t get the Rogues love, either. I really don’t see much of their supposed "depth". Maybe I need to be baptized in his first regular Flash run or something…

  9. I liked the last issue a great deal. Looking forward to reading this.

  10. @flapjaxx-No, they are not a bunch of sad sacks. If you think that, you haven’t read enough. Also, there are fake twitter accounts for Joker and Two-Face. It’s not specific to anyone one group of rogues.

  11. Ive been making lots of progress with enveloping myself in Johns’ Flash. I’ve been buying all the back issues for his and Kolins old run, as well as Flash Rebirth. I havent gotten Rouges Revenge yet, but thats on my to-get list. The first issue of this was pretty great, another good Flash tale. It looks like here that we’ll be getting a bigger spotlight on the Rouges. I wonder, though, if this will take place before or after Barry became a Blue Lantern.

  12. The thing that makes the Rogues interesting to me is that they have relationships to each other that have quite a bit of depth. It goes beyond teaming up to fight the Flash. They are a dysfunctional family that needs each other to function in a way.


  13. This easily had the best line of any comic out this week. 

    Hint: It involved gorillas. 

  14. This was just good old rollicking fun. Good rogues stuff, good Barry/Wally stuff. Nice to see the Blue Lantern aspects being played with, too. 4/5 for me.

  15. This was a lot of fun, anytime Johns writes the Rogues, it’s a winner. I also though Kolins’ art was crisper this time around. It was less sketchy, maybe he’s working with a different inker than in the regular Flash series or Rogues’ Revenge, but i thought it worked. I love me some Scott Kolins, but I think this this cleaner style works better for him

  16. @mikegraham6 I thought this was the worst Scott Kollins art i’d seen in a while.  Not all the way through, it just felt uneven to me, even just bad at times.  Oh well.  Otherwise I really enjoyed the book.

  17. Having never read any Flash before Rebirth, I’m really starting to like Captain Cold.

  18. @slockhart He’s one of the better villains in comics. And probably in my top 10 of favorite villains.

  19. the story line is kinda creep y but cool


  20. Dang the Flash looks FAST when Kollins draws him. Exhilarating!

  21. Lots of fun contained within this book.  Love the BL designs in here.

  22. Enjoyable issue, it just didn’t seem to measure up to my enjoyment of the first one.  I think when I read the three together it will work better.  Still a 4 out of 5.


    Captain Cold is fast becoming one of my favorite characters.

  23. I thought this one was a marked improvement over the first.  Maybe it’s becuase I just listened to the Golden Glider episodes of Tom vs. The Flash (almost certainly because of that), but I had an "Aw yeah!" moment when she showed up.  Add in the explanation of how Reverse Flash is alive and dead at the same time ("I hate time travel") and it’s an enjoyable experience during both plot lines.

  24. I haven’t read everything in Blackest Night?  Have we had a live Reverse-Flash vs. Black Lantern RF yet?

  25. I love Blue Lantern dialogue; so much fun ^^

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