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  1. Another awesome cover along with Wonder Woman: BN.

  2. This should be awesome. but does this mean that Reverse Flash is gonna die in Flash Rebirth?

  3. Just gotta go with it. It’s all written by Johns, assume it will make sense.

  4. @AmirCat

    That’s what I interpreted 

  5. Can’t beat this creative team!!

  6. I’m so excited.  If it’s as good as the Final Crisis mini, I’ll be happy all through the weekend.

  7. awww, god damn it. this going to be important. isn’t?

     i don’t want to buy anymore books

  8. I’d love to see some Rogues.

  9. lol when i read the solcits for this title i was kind of gutted as it does appear we now know the end of flash rebirth with the whole death of professor zoom thing. Unless i misinterpretted the solicits.


    still really excited about this title. flash has really been brought back to life by Johns, from rogues revenge to rebirth and hoefully to this before we are treated with the ongoing next year.

  10. This could of course deal with the ramifications of BN #5. Barry was trying to outrun the ring.

    Very cool. Looking forward to this. 

  11. Sold.  Based purely on creative team and cover.

  12. I love the cover. I almost want to pick it up based solely on that.

  13. Reverse Flash is dead, Barry killed him in the 80s. Snapped his neck. Any other Reverse flash we’ve seen since then is an earlier version of him, since he’s a time traveller. So technically Reverse flash is both alive and dead. His corspe is lying around in some grave somewhere so they can make him a Black Lantern, and still have the earlier version of him running around in Flash Rebirth.

  14. If this ends up having more pulls than Siege, it just once again shows how "DC slanted" this site has always been.  We all know Siege is going to outsell everything DC by a landslide.

  15. @IroncladMerc – well it might be interesting to see both reverse flashes co-existing.

  16. @IroncladMerc – correct!  Good call.  In fact, prior to his sacrifice in Crisis, it was that story which was going to define Barry, right?  I mean, he was in a bad way – kicked off the JLA and shunned in general. 

  17. @Kickass

    Considering that in October DC’s top selling book sold almost double Marvel’s, your statement doesn’t hold much water. 

  18. @KickAss What’s Siege?

  19. I’m with you Edward, on my drive home today I was thinking I was going to come home and decide what books to cut. Then I come here and see that cover and written by Johns and no way I’m passing up this book.

  20. @KickAss:


    Im not understanding your argument. Are you saying that we all hate Marvel? Thats what it sounds like.

  21. @Prax I think it’s a mega event where J. Michael Straczynski assaults Marvel Headquarters, forcefully reclaming his highly acclaimed Thor run from the clutches of a mega event.

  22. @Kickas…Maybe some of us aren’t allied to a company… at all. I read books from both. Enjoy events from both. Limiting your choices to a company is ignorant and boring. I know this has been brought up before, but your last line irked me: sales do not equal quality and quality does not equal sales. I should know better than to feed the trolls at this point, but your comment was unneeded and ridiculous. 

  23. Don’t feed the trolls.

  24. I know… Lurk more, troll less. 

    Ya gotta admit that Rusty’s was funny. 

  25. lol awesome comment conor. I agree with anson 17. I read from both companies its just DC has some awesome books out. @kickass why so naive?

    didnt think about time travelling weirdness of reverse flash, guess we could have 20 of him if johns wanted to and we all know how crazy the man is, it could just happen.

    can’t wait for this book

  26. I love it that it’s only been a couple of months and we’re already getting homage covers for Flash Rebirth #1. lol

    But that is a amazing cover! If there is any comic this week that says ‘Buy me because I have an amazing cover’, it would be this one.

  27. any body else try to find the word zoom on the cover

  28. Oh man, tough decision! On the one hand, I haven’t purchased any of the side books for Blackest Night (except GL, but I buy that anyway) and don’t really feel much of a need to do so. On the other hand, I did the same thing with Final Crisis…with the one exception of the Johns/Kolins Rogue’s Revenge Mini, which was more delightful, to me, than even the lead Series. Thinking back, with hyperbole ready and raring to go, Rogue’s Revenge might have been my favorite mini series in the last few years! I just sold myself one comic! Pulled.

  29. yeah if you feed the trolls the delicate balance of the internet ecosystem is disrupted and before you know it EPIC FAILS and OWNEDS have spawned all over the place.

  30. not to mention a couple of lolcats.

  31. definitely, LOLcats survive almost purely off troll detritus

  32. What are LOLcats? Context suggests it is people who use "LOL."

  33. well this looks like fun.  I really like the idea of Barry trying to outrun the black ring, as someone mentioned earlier

  34. I prefer LOLBATS to lolcats. 

  35. @Kickass: It only feels like DC slant right now. It’ll swing back the other way in a few months.


  36. Ill ride this mini out but I’m skippin’ Wonder Woman!

  37. Is this the series that will contain spoilers for Rebirth?

  38. Does anyone know what event will follow The Blackest Night? (if there will be an immediate follow-up). Marvel had Secret Invasion, then Dark Reign, now Siege. It’s interesting how Marvel keeps them very connected with each other, but the DC events aren’t held that tight together, they instead focus only on a family of characters for each event (Justice League in Final Crisis, Batman in RIP, Battle for The Cowl, and Green Lantern in The Blackest Night).

  39. @edward I wonder if you and I are considered trolls;)

  40. @JJ-No one knows. Maybe?

    @Cristian-No word from DC yet as to what the DCU will be like after Blackest Night. 

  41. @vadamowens – I certainly don’t consider you a troll. I think edward’s trollishness varies with his mood.  He is occasionally interesting (and even enlightened, from time to time), but can get down and dirty.

    @edward – No offense intended. 

  42. @stuclach-You just reminded me of the season finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm.  "Having said that…"


  43. I’m not familiar with Scott Kolins.  What else has he done?

    @MisterJ – I have only seen one episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. It didn’t do anything for me.  Has the current season been good?

  44. @stuclach: The last two things I can remember him doing are the Solomon Grundy mini and FINAL CRISIS: ROGUE’S REVENGE. He was also Geoff Johns’ artist on THE FLASH through most of his original run.

  45. @stuclach-He did Omega Flight over at Marvel a few years ago, then he just finished up the Solomon Grundy mini.  Before that, I really only know him from his Flash collaborations with Johns, though I know he has done quite a bit more than that.

  46. @conor & drakedangerz – Thank you. I enjoyed his work on Rogue’s Revenge (after I got used to it).  I’m also glad to hear he worked with Mr. Johns on The Flash.  Now I’m even more excited.

  47. @stuclach-He be my favorite Flash artist. If you ever get a chance, check out his previous Flash work. It’s damn good.

  48. @stuclach-It’s the same kind of humor as Seinfeld, so if you like that you might enjoy Curb.  I only watch occasionally because, well, it’s the same kind of humor as Seinfeld, and eight seasons (or whatever) was enough for me.  But the season finale had all the actors from Seinfeld in it and it was about shooting a Seinfeld special that would be a better series finale than what actually aired.  Thought that was a funny idea, and it worked out (for me at least).

  49. @drakedangerz – I’ve seen some of Mr. Johns’s run, but didn’t recall who drew it.  I’ve requested some of it via Interlibrary Loan.

    @MisterJ – I’ll have to check out that finale.  I enjoyed/enjoy Seinfeld. 

  50. Johns is calling this a sequel of sorts to Rogues’ Revenge (the best mini-series printed within the last 400 years). 

    I am, to put it lightly, stoked out of my effing mind.  

  51. @Paul – Excellent. I agree that Rogues’ Revenge was exceptional. At this point I don’t think I could be more excited for this mini than I am.

  52. @Paul I saw that and lost my mind, I was so ecstatic. It’s so great to see that Johns still has all these thoughts for Wally, the Rogues and The Flashes years after ending his (amazing) run.

    @stuch Johns work on the Flash was one of the things that got back into DC comics. Scott Kolins art on the Zoom arc leading into 200 is amazing. 

  53. @Conor- They bite.

    @Edward- You shouldn’t want to buy this book because it’s important, but because it will be great. Rogues Revenge was stellar, and Johns and Kollins can’t go wrong on a Flash book.

  54. I have to agree with most of the comments here. Kolins’ work on previous FLASH stories have been great.  However, I’ve found that I like Kolins better when he’s being inked by someone else.  Doug Hazlewood inked him very well during the Johns FLASH years and I kinda hoped he’d return for this series.  Still, I’m very much looking forward to this mini.

  55. I was about to ask if this is like ‘Rouges Revenge’ from when Final Crisis came out. But Paul has already answered it for me, thank you.

    That has me excited, cause that was the best mini to come out during that event.

  56. I enjoyed Rogue’s Revenge, but Rebirth has been a major fizzle for me. So, i’m on the fence. I’ll check out the first issue. I did also really enjoy Johns run on Flash with Kolins. Actually that run and maybe some of the Gary Frank Superman stuff have been the last time that I realllllly loved Johns. Rebirth, JSA, Blackest Night, Legion of Three Worlds, Infinite crisis… have all been somewhere between mediocre and "pretty good" for me.

  57. So Barry’s alive in this.  So he outran the black ring in BN#5?

  58. @lanter4life-The preview looks like this takes place right after Barry sends his message in issue #4.

  59. hey…very late question, where was "zoom" on the cover of Flash Rebirth #1?  I’ve looked and just cannot seem to find it.  Any link to where I can find that circled or something?!

  60. What the Balls? How the Nuts am i a Testicling troll? awww, scrotum!

  61. i love how this is a homage to Flash rebirth #1, hopefully the other two covers will follow suit. first mini I’m gonna buy.

  62. This confused me. I’m not reading BN or Rebirth I got this cause I loved Kolins and Johns on the Flash.

  63. I also found it hard telling which flash was which. Loved the Rogues stuff though.

  64. I dropped Rogues and Rebirth after each of their first issues, but I still want to get into Johns’ Flash. I feel like I’m the only one who didn’t see anything too interesting in Rogues. I didn’t like the art in that either, but I’ll give the guy another shot.

  65. @flapjaxx If you didn’t like Rebirth or Rogues I don’t feel like there’d be too much here for you to enjoy. It’s awesome that you’re willing to give something another shot (some people in the comics community refuse to.) I’m just throwing out the warning.

  66. Why did the Ifanboy community dissapear today?

  67. @Rou21: i hear  a truck carrying doritos that ran into a truck carrying tomato salsa somewhere in the USA. They all put down their laptops to find this mythical treasure.

  68. no "that",  damn it!

  69. Ruo, maybe Thursday comics day throws everyone off?

  70. LOL. All yesterday I was checking the site for reviews, asking wtf is going on? Just this morning I realized last week was Thanksgiving. Thought everyone had just decided to leave the site at the same time.


  71. "Gee the praise of the new episode must have really gotten to the guys heads they didn’t even put the new potw out on time."


  72. I rather enjoyed this issue. I didn’t think was that great and it wasn’t as good as Rogues’ Revenge, but it was fun. 4/5 for me, Kolins art was great. However, I’m wondering why Johns decided to go the "Thawne gets resurrected route" instead of the (far easier on the brain) "It’s a version of Thawne from before he dies" route. This seemed overly complicated. That said, I love that it leads so naturally off of what came before. (Even if Flash Rebirth #6 should’ve been out by now.) 

  73. This was lots of fun. Johns just keeps rollin.

  74. It was nice to see the rogues stuff again.

  75. Love, love, love anything when The Rogues plan to kick ass. Captain Cold is one bad MFer.

  76. "Let’s go shoot some zombies." Awesome.

  77. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    A little shaky, but I’m excited for the next issue. 

  78. I didn’t care for the art as much as I usually do, but it wasn’t a bad start. Feel like "Rouges Revenge" which i enjoyed capitally. You won’t see any other group of villains contributing to this mess.

  79. I really enjoyed this art.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything from him before.

  80. I also think this was my first major exposure to Kolins’ work.  not bad, really fun issue.

  81. What Prax said.  I feel the same way.

  82. Pretty good stuff. Reluctantly a 4/5, but more honestly probably could’ve been a 3.5/5. I felt it got better as it went on, as the beginning was super, super shaky. Loving the Gorilla City stuff,and because it’s Johns, I’m always hopeful for the next issue.

  83. Loved the Scudder mirror bit. Just like Nightmare 3.

  84. Guess the Zoom in Rebirth is actually post-Blackest Night from reading this. Barry seems to think that Zoom will be brought back to life after being a Black Lantern, so I guess this is a major hint that all the Black Lanterns or at least some of them will return to life.

  85. Its a crime that Kollins doesn’t get to the draw the regular Flash book, as much as I like Manapul. I hope the backup he’s doing has more Rogues.

  86. So it looks like the not-a-retcon-retcon thing about Barry’s parents is going to stick?  That makes me sigh a little.  I mean, I get the idea behind giving him a more psychologically complex ‘post-Crisis’ type origin, to make the character more unique.  The sigh is just that ‘more unique’ seems to mean ‘more like Batman.’

  87. @IroncladMerc
    I think it’s the opposite.

  88. My only gripe about this series is that I wish Flash ;Rebirth was over before they started this one . I mean it would be nice that the lead in story to this one , would be finished first . I am not sure who is to blame Van Sciver or Johns , but it is really annoying .

  89. @Kryptotim: Well obviously for this script to be finished the script to Flash: Rebirth #6 has to be finished also. This cript builds off of things that were written in Rebirth.

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