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  1. So by the end of Blackest Night, Carol Ferris will either:

    a) sacrifice herself to save Hal Jordan’s life,

    b) survives and ends up back in a relationship with Hal Jordan,

    c) survives Blackest Night but is rejected by Hal once more (in favor of Cowgirl.)


    Just curious to what other people think of the love triangle. As revealed, Hal still loves Carol, but will he wind up with her in the end? I would love to see on the final page of Blackest Night (or Green Lantern tie-in book), Carol and Hal sitting at a table with Barry and Iris having a friendly conversation.


  2. Don’t give a damn about the love triangle. This ain’t no "Days of our lives".

  3. @supertrackmonkey-Who else exactly is in this love triangle?  Cowgirl?

  4. great mini so far, especially last issue!

  5. Been really enjoying these stories and the gradual reveal of the history in these characters

  6. i know garrett’s a dude but but a female avatar saying things like that is very confusing.


    i’m actually really digging this. it’s a fantastic complient to the main title

  7. This series has turned out much better on the whole then I think many people originally thought it would be.

  8. I’ve never liked cowgirl. She just seems like a huge cliche.

  9. Well I think that’s the point.  Those are mostly the type of girls Hal attracts right?

  10. @vadamownes True. That’s why he likes Carol. She’s tough, smart, aggressive and can handle herself. Juxtapose this to the idea that Cowgirl is more of a "free spirit" in a way. Though at one time in the 80s-90s, Hal was dating a sort of bookish girl that was really in love with him. She eventually went crazy and made evil toys of him.

    You know… this occurred to me. I can’t think of any male hero in the DC universe that loves a blonde woman save Kon-El. Sure Hal is some sort of relationship with Cowgirl, but he LOVES Carol. Think about it! Bruce (Catwoman, or Talia, or Silver), Kal-El (Lois, Lana or Lori), Ollie (Dinah wears a blonde wig!), Barry, Wally! It’s a Brunette Conspiracy.

  11. indee great little mini

  12. This should be good. 😀

  13. Is this whole issue dedicated to a Green Lantern, every other corp has had a story told?

    Will their be a Black Lantern story, surely their origins are being told in the main book. Though the discription does say Red Lantern Vice’s origin will be told. Which we’ve not seen yet.

    Have enjoyed 2 out of 3 stories every issue so far, I’ll pull this since it’s the last one.

  14. I think these could have been included as back up stories in Corps or GL and in my opinion charging $3.99 is a bit much.

  15. @ dirtyharry2030 – isn’t that standard now for mini-series? I don’t know about DC, but all the Marvel Mini-series I am getting are $3.99.

    At least this way people had a choice, if they’d put them in GL or GLC the price of those books would have gone up 🙂

  16. @Zeppo: Good point. I’m just very cheap. Hopefully, it will be included as part of a trade -cough blckest night cough, in the future

  17. @dirtyharry

    Lol – I certainly can’t blame you for watching the pennys. Money’s tight enough. I think this will be the only tie-in I’m getting for $$$ money reasons

  18. I’m usually the last person to complain about pricing on iFanboy, but I was a little dissapointed in what this issue delivered. The Killawog story was 5 star all the way, but the Arisia story was fairly mediocre. I just don’t feel that 3 dollars and 99 cents of content was in this book. The annotated issue 0 didn’t really tell us anything we didn’t know already and we’ve seen the Adventure Preview in previous issues (not to say I’m not excited for that story.) What’d you guys all think?

  19. I enjoyed the director’s commentary on the zero issue, if for nothing else than to get a peek at Ivan Reis’ pencils.

    The actual comentary was relatively uneventful, but I give ’em points for trying.

  20. The fact that Kilawog’s trainer was named Ermey had me cracking up.  I loved it.  Could have done without the "director’s commentary" on the #0 issue.  They didn’t really say anything we didn’t already know.  But I loved Reis’ pencil work

  21. As someone who didn’t have a copy of BN #0 (my shop didn’t take part in FCBD), I was very happy to have a copy of it included in this issue.  I also enjoyed seeing Mr. Reis’s pencil work.

  22. @ Anson17 – Agreed. 18 pages of new story with a reprint of a comic I already got for free for $3.99. I understand it’s nice for those that missed out on FCBD, I just wish they would have let us know about this through the solicit.

    As for the content, loved the Kilowog story, didn’t care at all for the Arisa story, and the commentary was pretty worthless. 2/5

  23. @skeets – I agree completely that the reprint should have been mentioned in the solicit.

  24. Disappointing final issue to what was a a pretty good anthology series on the whole. I liked the Kilowog feature, but thought it was a little… predictable. What’s this another military training story that uses R. Lee Emery as base. Yaaaaaaawn. I liked the Arisa story, but it wasn’t great. I enjoyed the concept of the Commentary on the 0 issue, but most of them were more than a little patronizing. Geoff Johns was fun. Reis pencils was worth it though. Over all, a 3/5.

  25. I’m torn on whether this or Superman should be my POW… I gave them both 4/5, and while I liked the story in this better, not letting me know I was only getting half a comic kinda pisses me off.

  26. This comic made me want Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis to do a JLA story featuring the big 7. It would rule.

  27. @PraxJarvin–Lightning Lad loves the blonde Saturn Girl. Star Boy(man) loves the platinum blonde Dream Girl. Only in the 31st century does the love of blondes return to the DCU.


    Loved the Kilowog story. Not a whole lot to the Arisa story but I liked the art a lot. And director’s commentary or not I appriciated getting BN #0 since I didn’t get the Free Comic Book Day version.

  28. I liked the Blacknight Night #0 pencil pages with the commentary. I thought it was kinda neat.

  29. I’m bailing on this series after the first two issues!  Can’t keep paying $4 for some mildly entertainnig filler.  After reading a review or two of this online and finding out that a good chunk of this issue is reprinted material from a book I got for free months ago, I can’t justify it anymore.  Issues 1 and 2 will be lonely, and my completist ocd will flare up a bit, but f$%# it!

  30. Best issue yet, 4/5.

  31. BUY R.E.B.E.L.S.!!!

  32. ^^^ screw that

  33. I liked the Reis pencils but I would have liked to see another feature. For example, Dex-Star, Arkillo, Scar…

  34. Loved the pencils in the Arisa story. Hope to see more of Mayhew. The story was kinda like a black comedy though, & was making me laugh. Build this guy up & talk about how great he is — turn the page & we see his funeral. And they did it TWICE lol.

    First story was kinda "meh" (for lack of a better word) & was a bit surprised to see Kilowog shooting all those guys with thier own weapons. I thought killing had only recently been allowed in the GLC??

    Loved seeing Reis’ pencils too & this was cool for me because my LCS didn’t get FCBD books (tight arses) so, I don’t have Blackest Night #0 *cries*.

  35. I <3 Arisa.

  36. I really liked the first two but this one seemed shorter with the last part being Blackest Night #0 in pencils with commentary from the Johns and the editor, which was something I really wasn’t all that interested in but this was still alright.

  37. @WadeWilson.  Killing with their Rings wasn’t allowed… but that gives Kilowog a loophole for using a non-ring weapon.

    Also I totally agree with the black comedy aspect of those funerals.  I’m not sure it was intentional but it definitely made me say "oh no" with a chuckle when it happened.

    I liked all of it, even the pencils and commentary bit.

  38. Couldn’t see how this is really linked to Blackest Night!

  39. Worth it just for the Pencil and commentary feature. Other stories weren’t bad either.

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