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  1. It’s not bad enough to have DC Zombies, but now they’re taking the X-franchise’s idea?

  2. If they are doing that I am dumb enough to go out and buy every issue that comes out.

  3. If copying the X-Franchise gets us a mini about a conflict between Ch’p and Dex-Starr, then I have no problem.

  4. I meant the anthology tie-in to a larger crossover.  And I have no problem either, just pointing it out.

  5. Oh, that’s a really interesting idea, actually. Excited!

  6. No interest.

  7. I was thinking of passing on this but with the great artists I don’t think I can

  8. @ABirdseysView Actually, Green Lantern used to support Three monthly titles (GL, GL:Mosaic, Guy Gardner) and a quarterly anthology series called "Green Lantern Corps Quarterly" that predated X-Men Unlimited. So yeah…

  9. Yeah, the idea of anthology tie-ins is not really an X-franchise thing.  Once again, the insane amount of knowledge that is stored in Prax’s head is setting the record straight.

    Anyways, I pulled this but not sure if I want to pick it up.  I really loathe tie-ins now thanks to Marvel.  But…1) DC had mostly damn fine tie-ins to Final Crisis 2) this is written by Johns and Tomasi and 3) an amazing group of artist.  We’ll see what happens on Wednesday.

  10. I kinda want it, but I’m not sure it’s worth $3.99.


  11. @drakedangerz I scare myself sometimes…

  12. X-books have been doing it a lot lately though, and well I think.  but yes you are right.  my earlier comment was mostly a joke though.

  13. Hope this is worth the price tag.

  14. Anyone know the reading order (if there is one) for this & Blackest Night #1?

  15. Is this the book where we finally meet the Violet Lanterns?

  16. Scratch that – meant Indigo – and then I re-read the synopsis… I’m a moron.

  17. lol.  I do that all the time:)

  18. @WadeWilson

    Read this after Blackest Night #1, and then the next two before Green Lantern #44

  19. @jerichobp

    GL 44 is next week already… I’m not sure if that order is correct 

  20. Gonna wait to see what the reaction for this is before I pick it up.  But the talent lineup is good.

  21. Everything is a pickup when related to the Green Lanterns for me. I havn’t been disappointed by anything yet, same with Marvel’s cosmic stuff since Lanning and Abnett started it up. I’d give every other group of books up before those two.

  22. Written by Geoff Johns and Peter J. Tomasi. That’s all i need to pick this up.

  23. This is the only tie in that i’m buying because with the mini, GL and GLC i feel this is the only tie in that will add to the story

  24. @MisterJ – Its the two guys running the GL universe right now…if you like GL or GLC, then chances are your gonna dig this. I coulndn’t wait on a book like this. This event has me ‘giddy’

  25. @jerichobp- Wait, what? I have to wait to read the next 2 issues of GL until this series is done? Can anyone else confirm this?

  26. @WadeWilson

    It would only be one issue (next week is Tales 2 and GL 44, two weeks from now is Tales 3) but I still don’t think that reading order is right.

  27. I figured the check list ( them in the correct reading order. My mistake.

  28. I liked this, as an anthology/fill-in-the-blanks issue, but I did not get the ‘Tales of the Indigo Tribe’ story. The Indigo tribe is supposed to be about compassion but their actions in that story (to avoid spoilers, I won’t fill in the details) didn’t seem very compassionate. Something I missed ?

  29. Not bad. I liked the Blue Lantern story the best.

  30. @usagi

    Clearly they were trying to tease us rather than explain them.  However, I think I have a theory.  Another word for compassion is empathy, which in turn can mean having similar qualities.  This would explain why the Indigo Lantern was able to absorb the yellow energy then create a yellow construct.  However, it doesn’t explain the stuff with the Green Lantern… 

    Crazy ass Indigo Tribe…

  31. unless it was one of those deals where the indigos figured the green lantern was done for. So, the compassionate thing to do would be to put him down? Maybe?

  32. Great book. The Blue Lantern story was worth the price alone.

  33. @crazychris

    Ooh! I think I got it! The Indigo Lantern absorbed the yellow fear energy which could have made the yellow lantern be able to be afraid.   With the Green Lantern, the Indigo absorbed the will from him, in this case the will to live.  By this theory, they could eventually make calm red lanterns down, make larfleeze give stuff away, etc.

    Sneaky ass Indigo Tribe… 

  34. Good book. I gave it a 5. Really, I wish I could have given it a 4.5 or some such. I enjoyed all three stories. It should be noted that for Tomasi, this is his ultimate wish as a creator. He loves Mongul. Seriously. Thinks he’s the best villain ever.

    As for the Indigo story, I think we’re meant to take away that the Tribe have a very skewed logic on what compassion does. I took it that they euthanized the GL and then scared off the YL. Not killing him is a compassionate act just like killing the, presumably, mortally wounded GL was. Interesting morality. As well, interesting that they can’t be translated.

    The Blue Lantern story was good. Went in an interesting place, too.

  35. Very cool.  Interested in what exactly the Indigo Tribe believes it is doing.  Overall, Saint Walker’s story was the most enjoyable, but Mongul’s made me laugh at times

  36. I really liked the Blue Lantern story.  I could have done without the other two.  Did we really learn much from the Indigo story? PraxJarvin’s take is interesting and mirrors my own, but I’m not sure that is much more than we already knew.

  37. ^Yeah, the first story about Saint Walker was cool, but the rest was kinda tough to slog through. Felt more like more like homework to read than entertainment.

    Alos, nok. nak klok lok? klek klek nee nok. nok lok. nek. klak nok. lek lokok nak. nok nek nek klak? klek? ……. nok.

    That’s about how much sense the last story made to me.

  38. the mongul story is not bad… chris samnee’s art is no slouch at all…

  39. Loved the Ordway art!! When is DC going to give this guy an ongoing again?

  40. loved all three stories.

    as a christian, i really liked the saint walker story.

    i always have been a mongul fan since i read the alan moore "for the man who has everything" story. i am also a huge fan of chris samnee art.

    the indigo lantern story didn’t reveal much, but it revealed that the indigo lanterns are very powerful.

  41. @WadeWilson – Agreed on the Indigo story.

  42. MotherF’ers charged 3.99 for 3 crappy go nowhere predictable stories and a bunch of filler that was shown previously in other books.  Meh.  Bleh.  Feh.

  43. The only story lacking i thought was the Mongul story…i just didn’t have the much interest in it. But the Saint Walker story was awesome and gave me goosebumps at the last panel.

     "All will be well."

  44. Felt like I was reading a Blue, Yellow, Indigo Lantern Tales from the Crypt, and I liked it. Geoff Johns first story was by far best.

  45. I read this before BLACKEST NIGHT, so maybe I didn’t enjoy it as much as I should’ve. Still, it was a 4/5 for me. Loved the Blue Lantern story, liked the Indigo story, and Mongul’s was just okay.

  46. Saint Walker’s story elicited an emotional response from me.  It was beautiful.  He may be the most interesting character that Johns has created for this story. 

    I loved the Mongul story.  Loved it.  Little Mongul learning at his daddy’s side?  That was awesome. 

  47. I actually liekd Blackest night. This book is DC’s version of Frontlines. Third rate characters that only matter to hard core fans in so-so stories.

  48. @zombox Let’s not go casting aspersions on this mini. Frontlines? ::shudders.::

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