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  1. Blackest Night – Ghost Busters!!

  2. @AmirCat "Don’t cross the streams!!!"

  3. I want to see more construct Scarface!!

  4. zombie thomas and martha


  5. There should be a Batman/Ghostbusters crossover. Can’t wait for this.

  6. Glad I picked up last issue a few weeks back.  Good stuff.

  7. I really want to listen to a Ray Parker Jr./Danny Elfman mush-up right now for some reason.:)

  8. I wonder how this issue ties in with Red Robin #4?

  9. This cover is cringe worthy.  Cable-esk guns.  I sincerely hope it isn’t indicative of the actual issue.

  10. I’m so down for this.  Best Blackest Night book out hands down.

  11. I don’t know bro.  The Superman one was pretty fucking sweet too

  12. @stuclach: It doesn’t appear to be guns they are holding, they look like flamethrowers (which is a little head scrathery).

  13. @Conor – Upon further inspection, I agree.  I can see fire being a potent weapon against unpowered, zombified Gothamites.  (Though The Zombie Survival Guide details the many drawbacks associated with the weapon.)

    Do we know what those things are that are crawling around them?  They appear to be Black Lanterns, but I don’t recognize many of them.  Are they the Werecreatures from the Crime Bible posse? 

  14. uh-oh, the EPA is going to shut down the power to the Batcave

  15. I like how Red Robin is duel-wielding the flame pistols.  🙂

  16. This is the only Blackest Night title I am reading b/c the Batmans are the only books I am reading from the DCU. But hot damn, the last issue of this was so good! It almost made me pick up Blackest Night #s 1 and 2, but I just can’t afford to buy the million other tie-ins. Depending on who I ask, I could just read Blackest Night proper and none of the tie-ins, but some say I can’t. Opinions?

  17. @HailScott: You don’t need the tie-ins.

  18. @HailScott-Totally don’t need the tie-ins.  Just enjoy the mini itself.  If you have any questions, ask on the site and someone will answer them.

  19. i’ve got a bad feeling about this one

  20. The last issue was my POTW.  This will probably be the first book I read.

  21. I like this tie-in and between this and Wednesday comics. i really like the deadman character.

  22. You don’t need the tie-ins but the Batman and Superman ones are hard not to buy.

  23. I also chose this as my POW last time. Definitely most anticipated book of the week, although I’m hoping GLC really steps it up. Loving the whole event right now.

  24. I was very surprised by the quality of these tie-ins last time. I hope they can keep it up!

  25. So I’m wondering what I should read first:

    Red Robin #4?


    Blackest Night Batman #2? 

  26. @Supertrackmonkey – That is actually a good question.  I will likely read Red Robin first simply because I like the book more, but knowing the intended reading order would be useful if you are concerned with continuity.  I wish I had an answer for you.  I will try to remember to post my impression of the reading order as soon as I finish them.

  27. @supertrackmonkey-I doubt that the two are going to be connected to each other or reference each other in any way.  So, it shouldn’t matter which you read first.  They seem to be fully independent, as if Tim is out in Europe, gets a call to come back for the emergency, and then heads back off to do what he was doing. So his title does not have to reference the event at all.

    However, I have not picked up my stack, so I could be wrong.

  28. @supertrackmonkey – I just read them.  No real order.  Just read them as you see fit.

  29. This was really good.  Scary at times.  The art was a bit wonky at times, but overall it is exactly what I want from a tie-in.  

    And I loved the fact that the Ventriloquist made multiple Scar Face constructs.  Bad ass. 

  30. Glad to see that the Batfamily is the first group to hold their own against the Black Lanterns.


    You literally got -more- Scarface constructs 

  31. While the story is decent, what I like most is the interaction between Dick and Damien. It’s genuinely cool and funny. It’s also neat seeing all these characters that have a history with each other interacting in their new and updated identities.

  32. Damien is shaping to be the best Robin ever.

  33. @theegreatone – If by best you mean most interesting, then yes, I can agree on that, but if you mean most effective as a sidekick, I can’t agree.

  34. I REALLY dug this.  @ProjectX2 What stuck out for me is that (aside from there being some good action/thrills throughout the issue) this is the only book I’ve been reading other than Batman & Robin that really continued to develop Dick & Damien’s relationship- which is a really interesting change to the status quo in the Batman books.  Morrison is nailing that in the Batman & Robin book and Tomasi is doing a great job with it here.

  35. You wil have to excuse my hyperbole this week but yet again another just awesome book! I would give this a five just for the art alone, Adrian Syaf and John Dell were just amazing in this book. There was just so many great panels in this issue it’s not even funny. Every character was so well written as well, great stuff.

    Yet another 5/5 from me this week, this could well be my best week in comics since I started reading. 

  36. I wonder if Dick will battle Tim’s parents while Tim fights Dick’s parents…

  37. Did they just forget to do Black Lantern vision in the coloring process?  Usually when the {Hope} {Fear} {Rage} notations appear, you see the characters in the rainbow effect to depict that.  Not in this book though.

  38. @bansidhewail
    It’s up to the penciller & colorist to do that, they may have chosen not to. I love that effect, but it’s not entirely necessary.

  39. It’s usually a POV thing too.  I’m not so sure that any of the panels in this were POV’s.  At least thats how I read it, rather than a colorist option.

  40. Best comic I read this week. My PoTW! 🙂

  41. Harmless, but fairly pointless.

  42. Enjoyable, but garnering a 3/5 from me. Weak art, some fun concepts and ideas in here, but nothing special. Felt a bit like it was meandering in the middle of the book. Loved Deadman/Babs.

  43. Peter J. Tomasi should be writing batman instead of Judd Winick.

  44. Agree with Prax.  I dug it, but I think I was so surprised by how good the first one was that I was expecting more.  On a side note, how hard-ass do you have to be to fight your dead parents?  Dick will be as cold as Bruce in no time.

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