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  1. I loved the first part of this story i can’t wait for part two!

  2. I have no proof, but i am going to say it anyway since i believe it to be true. Spoiler…. Storms a Skrull…. There I said it, thats what i believe.

  3. @cyberauron: That’s a convenient way for T’chala to get a divorce.  I don’t think skrulls believe in alimonies.

  4. The first one was my POW so hopefully its that good!

  5. How much would it suck for Black Panther. Storm I loveyou, then lighting bolt in the back.

  6. The Skrull warriors that were combinations of multiple Marvel characters based on their powers/fighting style was brilliant. The art still isn’t my style but it works very well with this book. Looking forward to the conclusion.

  7. This book is amazing. It is currently pushing MI:13 as my favorite Secret Invasion tie in. The art works perfectly for Aaron’s writing. I wish every Black Panther book was like this.

  8. I Really Liked this one. The art reminded me of Imonen’s work on Nextwave but way darker.

  9. Is it less manly to say that this book made my eyes swell up and almost cry? Just the opening was so perfectly done between the speech and BP talking about every soldier that was being killed. It’s something that’s forgotten in a lot of stories that have violence.

    You see so many dead bodies thrown around that you’re desensitized by it. you dont feel the weight of anyone’s death cause its just an anonymous corpse. Not something that used to be a person. Just this issue had everything. It had action emotion and an Oh Crap ending……so good

  10. i liked this but found the sequential storytelling a little confusing at times. For some reason I had the feeling that ALL of the Wakandans were skrulls at the end.

  11. I loved the art in this.

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