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  1. NEVER read any Black Panther before and I am NOT reading Secret Invasion either, but it’s Jason Aaron writing so I’m gonna give it a read.

  2. maybe I’ll give this a shot too, then

  3. I dropped BP when they went zombie in issue #28…I was enjoying it to that point.

    I’ll skim this one because it’s a Secret Invasion crossover, depends on the art on first glance for me. 

  4. The artist is killer too! He did that wolverine story from X-force: No dog something or other and he also did the Punisher special that same week. He’s got sort of a Miller-Sale esq style.

  5. The BP Civil War cross over was one of the best during that time so hopefully this will be just as good.

  6. I think this could really bring some fans back to the Panther. Jason Aaron just rocks so hopefully its good.

  7. I started reading Black Panther during Civil War and it’s been consistently good ever since; even the stuff with the Fantastic Four was fun. I’m totally psyched for this arc.


  8. Im giving this a shot based on the strength of Aarons recent work and my enjoyment of SI so far.

  9. Why is this series getting more pulls?…..Oh right it’s Jason Aaron….Come on guys, seriously? I know he’s a big name right now but….Black Panther? If no one could make this title entertaining for 38 issues, what makes you think Aaron could make this work? In a SI tie-In? Plus with a character that is not as popular as others….Even if BET is making an animated series on the guy.

    Is this the best Marvel is giving Aaron to do? I know he did a decent Wolverine/Mystique arc but….his next two titles is Ghost Rider and Black Panther?…Wow he totally went to the right company with writing big important characters like them. *rolls eyes*

  10. Aaron is fast becoming my favorite writer in comics next to Geoff Johns…still not enough to get me to buy this.

  11. @TheNextChampion – He’s writing the characters he wants to write.  Aaron’s a huge Ghost Rider fan.

  12. @TheNextChampion– so what would you rather have Aaron working on?

  13. @TheNextChampion: Aaron’s run on Ghost Rider has been AMAZING. Despite the characters he is choosing to right he must be doing something right if lots of people are picking up this book just because it has his name on it. In my opinion Jason Aaron is a great writer because of his body of work thus far NOT because Marvel is telling me he is the next big thing.

  14. @Conor, Comic: Well now that I know he wanted to write Ghost Rider, then I wont judge his choice for it….Although he might be the only writer I know who wanted to be on that in the first place. It’s just weird to me that this big name, that everyone seems to love, is writing C level heroes right now. I wont judge him on Scalped or his other DC stuff…it’s just weird that Marvel gave him a huge contract just to be on such low selling titles (I guess they want him to up the sales for both of these?)

    @Kimbo: The perfect answer is….Thunderbolts. Think about it, he loves gritty violent stuff. Why not go to where some of the most violent criminals in Marvel history is placed in? Or (thought of this right while typing this) how about Punisher Max? Think about it; it’s violent, has deep character development, and terrible humans involved…it’s perfect for Aaron!

    I’m not saying that Aaron cant do what he wants, if he wanted to do Ghost Rider or Black Panther, then god bless him. Cause it’s gonna take a lot of great writing to get a ton of people to read these issues. But I just think there was more stuff he could’ve done then just these two titles.

  15. I wouldn’t mind seeing Aaron write cap, if Brubaker ever leaves the book.

  16. @TheNextChampion: Great call with Aaron writing The Punisher (why didn’t I think of that). He would have been the perfect replacement to follow Ennis. Too bad Marvel didn’t of this. Maybe if the guy after Ennis flops we will get to see what Aaron could do with Frank Castle. I would especially love to see him write a ‘Nam story like Ennis’s Punisher: Born after reading The Otherside (check that out is you haven’t yet and like the flick Full Metal Jacket). 

  17. @TheNextChampion: I understand what you mean in that Aarons titles seem a little underwhelming considering the hype that he’s been given, but I think his Ghost Rider is actually begining to slowly grow into a really good book. His first arc and the two issues of this one are better than anything Daniel Way or Garth Ennis put into the book previously. But great call on The Punisher. I think it would be interesting to see him write a team book like the Thunderbolts though.

     I think Aaron is gonna rock on this Black Panther run though. The art looks great and really served well to his tone in his Xforce one shot. Hopefullly it stays strong.

  18. I thought this was totally awesome. My POW.

  19. @NealAppeal – agreed. My POW as well.

  20. This was friggin great. I gave it a shot because of Aaron and was really impressed. Imagine if the Secret Invaison main book had this vibe and intensity? Good stuff.

  21. wow..I have never bought a Black Panther book before but with this amount of praise I have got to check this out.

  22. Jason Aaron is writing a Punisher one-shot this Christmas! This was the most exciting news comin’ outta SDCC for me.

    This Panther book is the first Aaron book I haven’t read, because I have zero knowledge of the character, but mainly because I’m not reading Secret Invasion or any of the tie-ins & didn’t wanna be lost. With ALL this praise though, I might just have to get myself a copy!

    Would it be a decent read to someone not interested in SI?

  23. @wadeWilson yeah. it’s just a well told story about Wakanda vs. The Skrulls. All you have to know is that there is a worldwide skrull invasion going on. Actually, if you didn’t already know that, you could figure it out from the book itself. That’s it. It’s very much like Captain Britain that way.

  24. @NealAppeal – Sold.

    Hopefully I can get myself a copy!

  25. this was a really good issue of BP. in my opinion.  I’m not a fan of Hudlin’s BP, so when I heard J. Aaron is writing it, I had to pick it up, and I was def. happy that I did.

     Aside from the good writing, the art on this joint is sweet!

  26. @WadeWilson: Thanks for the Punisher news, I hadn’t heard this. It’s especially exciting as we were talking about how great Aaron would be on Punisher in the posts above. I also saw that he will be writing a Wolverine one-shot or mini (can’t remember) that is coming out later this year as well.

    Can’t wait to read this issue later today hopefully. Unfortunately I couldn’t get to my LCS on Wednesday. 

  27. @comicdork – No worries, mate. Jason Aaron on Punisher is a comic book wet dream for me.

    I read this Black Panther issue, & you guys were not wrong, it’s awesome, I like the art A LOT. It was totally different to anything I’ve ever read from Aaron, I would never have known it was him writing it, if I read it & didn’t know. I don’t mean that in a bad way, it’s just that the sci-fi superhero thing is pretty oppisite to everything else I’ve read of his. Seems like he has a handle on this stuff too, though.

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