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Batwoman faces the terrifying villain stalking Gotham City’s children. Can she defeat the gruesome monster in time to save the city’s most innocent victims?


Kate Kane unearths a ghost she has tried hard to bury, even as the D.E.O. closes in on Batwoman. Can Kate outrun her past and Cameron Chase?


Kate’s relationship with Detective Maggie Sawyer continues to evolve. But will Kate’s nocturnal activities cause a rift between the two?

Art and cover by J.H. WILLIAMS III

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 7.1%


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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. This book is toooooo good. I’m so glad it’s coming so regularly!! POTW again?! probably.

  2. I like Kate and Sawyers story, and I like the Chase subplot and the art is amazing.

    That being said the weeping woman is doing nothing for me at all. Can’t wait for the next story arc…plus Amy reeder!

  3. lol this solicit reminded me that comic books really ARE just soap operas

  4. I know that I am the wierdo…. but I just cannot get into this book. I dunno. I think this will be my first drop of the New 52. Seconds probably gonna be Batgirl.

    Will I actually do it when I get to the store?

    • Intrigue!

    • I agree. I really want to love this book but so far its just not grabbing me away. I’m only reading three of the new 52 and both Batman and Action Comics are blowing this away so far. The art is great but I’m just not engaged in the story and the Weeping Woman is an incredibly boring villan. I mean did she even make an appearance in issue #2?!? If this issue isn’t great I might be considering a drop.

    • You want to love this book?


    • I feel it is of LIFE ALTERING IMPORTANCE that I update you all. I was, in fact, able to put it back on the shelf. I am very proud of myself. I feel like I can do anything, I feel kinda invincible.

    • Maybe J.H. Williams taking over writing duties from Rucka has altered this book in a way that some folks no longer find it interesting. Frankly, I find Kate Kane a more compelling female character than Catwoman and Starfire.

      If you drop it now, you’ll deprive yourself of Amy Reeder’s art on the second arc. ;D

  5. This book is awesome. I’m so happy Batwoman has an ongoing and it doesn’t suck.

  6. I can’t believe some of you don’t like the Weeping Woman! I think she’s chilling (and of course makes for very stunning imagery)… she drowns kids for gosh sakes!

  7. I can’t really get into the story, I know its solidly written, but without Greg Rucka I just feel like its missing a certain spark. I think he obviously had a really clear vision of where he wanted to take the character and I wanted to see his vision. However there is no chance of me dropping this book, the storys solid enough that I enjoy it annnnnnnd of course the art is beyond stunning, last issues fight in the bar was just jaw dropping.

  8. This is my favorite of the New 52, which is kinda ironic because it’s the title that has the MOST to do with pre-Flashpoint continuity. (Maybe some of you guys who aren’t digging it so much weren’t reading Kate Kane’s adventures before?)

    I think Rucka’s involvement here would definitely be a plus, but to be honest I never felt that the writing he did on the Detective Comics run was all that great. It was okay, but only rarely worthy of a 5-star rating, imo. It wasn’t A-list Rucka. It wasn’t as good as Gotham Central Rucka. It befuddles me that so much people who I know loved Gotham Central (more than I did, even) also seem to have liked the writing in his Detective run just as much. I don’t get it, because if you’re into Rucka then you should be able to tell that what Rucka was doing for DC a couple years ago wasn’t as good/focused as what he was doing 5-10 years ago. Rucka has even admitted this himself on a WordBalloon episode: he said that he felt overworked and was taking on too many side-projects to really devote enough time to the ones he cared about most, and he said that his lack of focus shows in the comics at the time, which it does. Still good, but not great.

    That said, I dunno, I’m digging the Weeping Woman and Chase here. It’s not blowing me out of the water (pun intended), but it’s pretty cool. It’s only been a couple issues; the various plot-lines are still building.

    Shame about the cover, though. This is like the first JH Williams cover that doesn’t do much for me. Is that supposed to be Chase on the cover?

    • Yeah, I could see this argument, but I think Greg Rucka had some special investment in the Batwoman character, I know some of his writing wasn’t as tight, but I think he really cared for his creation, and that showed through. I know JH Williams does to, but it was nice when it was combined, that level of passion was clear in writing and art.

    • Like I said, I KNOW that it is me that is the weirdo for not liking this book. Especially because I loved the Rucka run, LOVED it. I don’t know it’s just not grabbing me at all…. the art is great and almost worth the price of admission… but I think this will be my first drop of the New 52. Again, I know it makes no sense. ha

  9. This title is amazing. One of the freshest and most exciting books out there.

    • Agreed. I love that I get multiple reads out of it. Once for the story, second time to just appreciate the art, and the third time is when i’m usually showing it off to someone who doesn’t read comics. “Wow” Is the usual response from them.

  10. This issue will be my first dropped issue for this series. Even though JH Williams art is amazing, the story is definitely not nearly as good as when Rucka was doing it in Detective.

  11. Is Amy Reeder still alternating arcs with JHW3?

    • I hope so. I like both artists, and I think DC need to know that Batwomans success isn’t dependent on JHW. I’m afraid if he left DC would cancel the book. I think Cameron Stewart, Chris Burnham and Amy Reader have all drawn great versions of Batwoman, hopefully this will show DC JHW is not the only reason this book sells

    • I believe so. If memory serves me correctly, she’d already completed most of the art for her arc when she was at Denver’s ComicFest last spring.

  12. I would describe the story thus far as solid, which is more than enough when you consider the enhancement of the art. Normally I am a story first kind of guy, JHWIII is something special, no doubt. Huge sections of Promethea were unintelligible mind farts about magic and the spheres, but I loved every issue because of JHWIII. I think Alan Moore felt he could just go apeshit and drop doing narrative altogether because he had such an amazing artist on board.

  13. The back story has been good and has kept me intrested as for the main story; it all just seems like this is where the original series was headed before the reboot. The books were delayed or late or whatever was going on back than and now they are on time and it just seems the same. Maybe it’s the ghostly like art work that really makes me think it has not changed. I know it’s a different story but; for some odd reason it just seems the same, with more issues and on time! I am pretty sure I am liking this story arc long enough for it to be over and see something different other than spokey. A nice arc about some other a little more earthly villians if you know what I mean. Either way I can’t wait to read todays books, very excited, work be over.

    Just sayin’,


  14. Art was good (as usual) but Kate getting her ass-kicked and then throwing a bitch fit was not enticing. The last page was enticing though.

  15. the art and layouts in this book are just sooooooo great

  16. Another great issue.

  17. Man, what an utterly gorgeous issue! Everything Batwoman that has come out has just shocked me with how amazingly written and jaw-droppingly beautifully (and intricately) drawn. Easily my favorite series out there right now.

  18. I’ve not read this issue yet, but after reading back the Rucka run, followed by Zero issue and first two issues here, it feels pretty seamless to me. I’m not seeing the big drop off people are complaining about story wise. In fact I might like this a touch more due to not such a heavy focus on the Religion of Crime monster-folk, which were the only “weak” spot for me.

    Can;t wait to grab this.

  19. uhh… It’s really pretty, sure, but it’s way to bare plot-wise to justify it, kind of like Supergirl. There are way too many spreads with barebones dialogue.

  20. I’m definitely digging JH Williams more than Rucka’s run so far. Aside from the military angle, it didn’t really feel like there was much going for it. The Religion of Crime and their prophecy felt contrived, and overall “meh”. Alice was entirely forgettable imo(and oddly enough, even though the rest of the book looked beautiful, whenever she was on page, I always cringed). Even the “twist” couldn’t save her.

  21. is it me or is the stuff about her personal life interesting the stuff involving the water demon/villain boring?

    but the art is amazingly beautiful.

  22. I do not understand why everyone is raving about this book. The art is very well done, but the story is not very compelling at this point. I think Batgirl is superior to this title right now.

  23. @Pandemic- I agree Batgirl is better art and story all together. This book has beautiful art and really I am sick of this villian and it needs to end although the back story is alot more intresting for sure. This story arc other than the back story feels like the story from before the reboot. I am not sure why; thats just how it feels to me. (Gave this a 2)

    Just sayin’,


    • “This story arc other than the back story feels like the story from before the reboot. I am not sure why; ”

      Probably because most of the issues were written before Flashpoint happened, and were delayed to coincide with the reboot.

  24. A disappointing issue altogether. Once again fantastic art but I am getting bored with the story and it was over way too fast. Batgirl is the superior Batgal book for me, so I think I’ll be dropping this one from now. 2/5 for me.

  25. love this book, but i dont understand why her skin is so pale. any help is appreciated

  26. I’m another who’s finding it much more interesting reading about her relationships….those with Maggie….Bette….her father, as well as reading about the stuff with Chase and the DEO I”m also really wanting to find out what happened to Renee Montoya/The Question. Fighting the actual villain isn’t holding my interest much but everything else about this story…wow!

  27. This issue was boring and honestly I feel like the whole arc has been so far. Good chance this is dropped now.

  28. I don’t understand the harsh comments on this book. I’m not going to write a review because there are some excellent reviews about that sum up my feelings. It’s a great book. Great.

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