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• J.H. WILLIAMS III returns as artist on this new story!

• An adventure of epic proportions begins here, with BATWOMAN and the werebeast zealot, ABBOTT, hot on the trail of the urban legend BLOODY MARY. The trail leads to a twisted carnival and an abandoned HALL OF MIRRORS, where they face nightmarish versions of themselves…

• Batwoman seeks an unexpected ally: WONDER WOMAN!

Written by JH Williams III & W. Haden Blackman
Art by JH Williams III
Cover by JH Williams III
Variant Cover by JH Williams III

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Reminds me of Promethea

  2. This is a Make or break arc for me. The last arc was an absolute mess. Fingers crossed for a return to form.

    • Same here. The only reason I’ve kept on is to see Williams art again but if the story continues to be messy not even that can save it.

    • agreed

    • You know, for the fourth or fifth issue of the last arc, I read the previous issues again, and what was an incoherent mess became a pretty decent story with a cohesive narrative thread. The structure of the issues, with the frequent jumps in time, character, and location, did not work at all in single issues separated by a month. However, it’s a pretty cool when you read the story over a couple of days. Of course you have to judge the work on the means it was presented, so I still think people are justified in blasting the arc. Just saying, if you still have the issues around, you might find it worthwhile giving it another glance.

    • I’m sticking it out for this arc but only for Wondy guest starring. I’m out after that, if I read any more it’ll be in trade.

  3. JH is back! Although I actually enjoyed Trevor McCarthy and the problems were more with the writing, it’s always better with JHWIII

  4. This arc needs to really impress me, otherwise a) I’m selling issues #6-11 back to my LCS for store credit, and b) I’m off this book from now on unless JH is doing the art. And since he’s involved in a Sandman project next year, I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t do any Batwoman interiors at all in 2013.

    That said, I went back and reread the previous arc all at once over the weekend, and it wasn’t quite as bad as it seemed the first time through. The time-jumps didn’t bother me as much while reading the story straight through… maybe because I knew to expect them. Definitely not good writing, and the art is rather lackluster overall, but for what it’s worth I have to say that the arc wasn’t AS bad as I thought when reading it monthly. Still, unless the new storyline makes me feel as if the material of the previous arc was really necessary and interesting, then I may as well stop caring about this title unless, again, JH is on art.

  5. Is there a trade of the first arc, or just a hardcover?

  6. The fill in artists weren’t bad, but this book really clicks for me when Wiliams is drawing it.

  7. Williams art makes the book. Its true the writing isn’t strong enough without his art. But that art makes it a must read for me.

  8. I’ve been loving the writing and the art. It’s not groundbreaking, but it’s complex and other worldly. Everything I like about Kate/Batwoman. Just read the last issue of Batgirl with Batwoman in it. Pretty entertaining as well!

  9. Issues 6-11 read much better in on go rather than month to month, Last month I read 0-11 in one sitting and it really settled the series in my mind, really looking forward to this one

  10. I couldn’t muster up the energy to read any of the previous arc again. This is definitely a make or break arc for me too. If it is going to be good, it better be good really fast, because I’m rapidly losing patience here!!

  11. I didn’t think 6-11 were that bad — especially after McCarthy took over on art. I like that Bette is going to be trained by Kate’s father — just as Kate was. Should prove interesting down the road. I do think this is Williams’ swan song — with him illustrating Sandman. I liked Sandman, and I don’t blame Williams for joining the creative team there — but I’d rather he stayed on Batwoman.

  12. After reading the thread i’ve spent the evening re-reading “To Drown The World”.


    i though the first three issues were far better than the last three, Amy Reeder is much clearer to read than McCarthy, yeah i know i’m likely in the minority on that. * why did Batwoman stop Chase from shooting Maro? he promptly escaped, giving ZERO resulution to the last six months of issues. * the head of Medusa is Named Falchion. there’s a ritch guy in town named Christopher Falchion, who has a massive yacht moored in Gotham harbor. is the DEO that stupid? * this was supposed to be an homage to spy thrillers, aside from one Bond reference, it really never felt like it (yacht stuff was far too on the nose). * Chase is a hardass to everyone…then gets all weepy when a DEO guy we’ve never seen before gets shot? * was Falchion a cyborg? why did he have blue blood and a metal skull? * the “‘s story” headers in the last issue were completly redundant and silly. it DID NOT have to be a six issue story line.

    i could go on, it was not bad enough that i’d drop it, but was so full of massively frustrating nitpicks, it pisses me off that i’ve been reading such a subpar arc for six (six!) months.

  13. I dropped this maybe an issue or two into the last storyline when it became incoherent and infuriating, but like most I love William’s art, so I’m going to risk it for this one.
    Out of curiosity, fueled by a slow morning at work, I looked up the pulls on this site for this series; it’s staggering how many people have dropped off:
    Batwoman 1: 1471
    Batwoman 2: 1258
    Batwoman 3: 1141

    Jump to the end of this arc:
    Batwoman 10: 557
    Batwoman 11: 489
    Batwoman 12: 395

    That’s over a thousand readers, just on this site alone. I know that’s not totally indicative of sales, and I couldn’t find the sales numbers that DC puts out, but I’m surprised that Williams is still the writer on this series. I wonder what kind of contract he has, because any other book that writer or artist would be gone if sales plummeted like that.

    • I dropped it after last issue. The last arc was so horrible but like a train wreck I had to see how it ended. I will be curious to see how the majority thinks of this new issue though.

  14. @daningotham: after reading through it all did it make any sense whatsoever? I’d love to know what J.H. Williams’ thoughts were on how it turned out, or what his initial plans were.
    Full disclosure; i just picked this issue up. I haven’t read it but I flipped through it, and it does look beautiful.

  15. Beautiful issue and the story seems better written.

  16. Ah, that was a welcome return.

  17. JH Williams needs to be drawing Wonder Woman! That was beautiful!

  18. A much improved issue. i though WW was waaay too wordy & byronic (less is more, see her solo series), great art as expected.

    a solid 4/5.

  19. Great issue, maybe my favorite of the current run so far. Really liking the Wonder Woman team up too, going after Medusa this is going to be great!

  20. J.H. Williams III is da bomb! His artwork in Bloodtides was breathtaking. By himself, he showed about four diferent styles to show the different characters’ point of view. Just amazing.

    Please check my mini-review of Batwoman #12 here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  21. There were some beautiful depictions of Wonder Woman in this issue. So sick!

  22. great pages, a pleasure to read

  23. Been enjoying the series, though I be easier as a trade. Grant Morrison must love this series, because it bursts with the story elements he seems to find so dear.
    As a Wonder Woman fan, I found her portrayal in this issue breathtaking.

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