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“I suspect that Batwoman is socialite Kate Kane. I intend to prove it beyond a shadow. I need to know if she can be trusted, what her motivations are. I’m going undercover.” – Batman: Mission Log Entry 2756

Featuring a unique story composition that combines the art of Eisner Award-winner J.H. Williams III (DETECTIVE COMICS, PROMETHEA) and Amy Reeder (MADAME XANADU), this special #0 issue acts as a new introduction into the life of Batwoman! Things pick up roughly where the BATWOMAN: ELEGY HC left off, and this issue acts as a primer for the upcoming new series featuring multiple award-winning creators!

Variant cover by AMY REEDER

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.4%


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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. Oh, yeah! I’ve been waiting for this one. Cannot go wrong with reeder and williams!

  2. Ditto. I hope they release the second half of Rucka & William’s original run in hardcover soon.

  3. Been on my LCS pull list pretty much ever since her run in Detective.

  4. I’m getting the strange feeling this is going to be bad.

  5. Pleasant surprise to see DC lowered the price on this one to three bucks prior to the January line-wide repricing.

  6. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Glad youre back Kate. Now cut that hair!

  7. @jackietam: It’s still JHW3!

  8. A book with one of my new favorite characters and my oldest favorite character? Definitely in.

    Also, @PymSlap, they pretty much established since the first issue of her Detective run that she has a wig. Her normal red hair is far shorter, meeting to about her ears, I believe. 

  9. I would so rather own this in hardcover but I’ll never be able to wait that long.

  10. @PymSlap – That’s a wig. She already has short hair.

  11. Like many I’ve been waiting for this. If the story is a 3/5 the art will keep this on my pull list for as long as it runs. I like both artists, and not fimilar with the writer.

    I can’t decide what to read first this or Detective?

  12. I’m picking this up to see if I’ll want to read the series, because I was reading the Detective run for Rucka, and without Rucka I don’t know if I’m interested in the character.

  13. Wonder if this is going to be like a Road Home issue for Batwoman as the quote in the solicit sorta suggests.

  14. I thought the character design for Batwoman, not Kate, was way better when she wore the mask with her normal bob cut. She looked like a normal self respecting woman.

    What’s with this thing where comic artists give women hair like people out of the jersey shore?  

  15. I hope the writing keeps up, but I have faith after reading Chase (the reprint from a few weeks back).  JHW3 did a good job with characters and the art really seemed in sync with that.  Can’t wait!!!!

  16. Probably a cover purchase…

  17. Goddamn it. Same problem I had with Detective; I want this in *trade* and I hate the concept of double-dipping.


  18. i’m going to hold off and see reactions. I think i’ll just get it in trade if i do at all. 

  19. Batwoman in Detective was best comic of 2010 (IMO) so it’s about time DC put this out! (Sucks it’s not Rucka though …)

  20. 2.99 makes it a sure buy for me.

  21. @BCD: Yeah, that helps!

  22. Hey, knock it off, I like the long flowing red hair…and like AmirCat said, it is even a tactical strategy on her part to have pull-off hair. 

    If I’m a criminal, I’m having trouble with pulling her hair since the cape keeps getting in the way. 🙂  Oh yea, capes don’t make sense for fighting?  High heel boots?

    And hey, yo, I grew up on da Jersey Shore, so knock that off too.

  23. While I’m bummed Rucka is off this, I still can’t wait to follow Kate down the rabbit hole. Also, Reeder’s a great pairing with Williams. I’m really looking forward to this and the ongoing come February! 

  24. @Edward Artists can do a lot more stuff with long hair. It flows, flips, whips, and curls. It can look tossled but somehow, and I guess you have to be a superhero to manage this, never messy. Same reason as all the capes, scarves, and other dangling nonsense a lot of heroes put on. If I wore a scarf and started jumping from rooftop to rooftop, I would be found hanging by a broken neck from a broken ventiliaion pipe. That’s just what separates the heroes from the chumps, my friend.

  25. I think in the first series of Batwoman they said her costume was designed with some phycological elements designed to scared people. I suppose long bright red hair could be intimidating. I just don’t like it. A sexy frenchbob cut is way cooler 

  26. @WadeWilson: There were like only four issues of ‘Tec with Batwoman in 2010…and you’d still say it was the comic of the year?! Even though three of those comics didn’t have JH Williams and one had jarring fill-in art? Ooookay.

    Looking forward to this series very much. I like some of what Rucka did on here, but I’m a Chase fan from way back, so I’m more than willing to see what JH (& friend) can do on writing.

  27. Also: So every woman with long flowing hair now has "Jersey Shore" hair? Since with did a natural hairstyle that’s been around for millennia come to be defined by a TV show that’s barely a year old? I don’t think anyone on Jersey Shore really even has hair like Kate’s, unless everything that could be defined as "big hair" is all the same. Y’all may as well say that Kate has "’80s hair metal hair". She doesn’t.

  28. sigh… ok 

  29. @froggulper:  @edward is an aussie, he doesn’t know. Go easy on him.

  30. @froggulper I am going to guess Wade is throwing all the Batwoman issues together (7 by JHIII, 2 with Jock, 1 with jarring fill-in art) when he called it comic of the year. You are right that it actually straddled two years, so let’s just say it was the comic of the year for both 2009 and 2010. Obviously everyone’s mileage varied, but a lot of people do think it was one of the most amazing comics to have shown up in a while. It rightfully belongs on most people’s best of the year list. Maybe 2009 would be a better fit.

    As for the hair, best of both worlds, people. Some dudes dig long hair, some like short. She gives you both. Pick your fantasy.

  31. JH Williams on art is easily one of the best if not the best.

    JH Williams on writing . . .

  32. If its a book I have no interest in, I dont buy it
    If its a book Im a little bit curious about, ill pick up a few issues
    If its a book I think im going to love, I wait for the hardcover and save money on the single issues

    I will sadly be missing out of this issue this week because JHW3 is too amazing

  33. @ScorpionMasada: Rucka’s great & all, but c’mon JHW3 was doing the heavy lifting on Batwoman’s Detective.  If you liked that, I don’t see you not liking this.

  34. @incredibledave – "It’s SO good, I’m not gonna buy it". Makes sense. 🙂

  35. really wish JHW drew all of this. i like his out of costume stuff as much if not more than the costume stuff. amy reeder’s art was just ok and it made bruce wayne’s array of silly disguises appear even more ridiculous.

  36. Like I thought, sorta a Road Home issue with Bruce evaluating and measuring Batwoman up, although he doesn’t reveal himself to her, cus as far as I know, Kate Kane has absolutely no connection or association with Bruce Wayne, which makes his approach to her all the more interesting for the future, very intriguing to see what their relationship will end up being like.

  37. This Is one of the books that didn’t show up at the shop. Freakin diamond.

  38. Very few pages of actual story. It felt like a road home story without the banner. I’m hoping issue 1 picks things up.

  39. Loved it, I even picked up the varient which I never do. The new artist is great, and it really didn’t feel like it skipped a beat since the last time we saw Batwoman. It was a great reminder of who Kate is and where we left her, I’m all ready for the series now!

  40. I don’t know how I feel about this. The writing at the begining seemed weak but it got much better as it went along. The biggest problem is I don’t really like Kate Kane all that much as a character, so despite the amazing art and decent writing, I don’t know if I want to read this book.

  41. I loved the art on Rucka and JH’s run, but the story didn’t do it for me ( and I usually love Rucka).  I’m not one to pick up a book because of the art alone.  Think I’ll wait to for further reviews on this one and then maybe pick up the trade.

  42. I liked the art obviously, it was the reason I pulled this book anyway. Story wasn’t bad (loved Bruce’s disguises!) but it felt short and I wish we heard Batwoman speak and think too, instead of only Bruce.

  43. Didn’t really love the Kate Kane art on here, besides that I thought the book was pretty solid.

  44. Been looking forward to this book for months. I really enjoyed how they split Williams’ and Reeder’s art duties to create different moods for the Batwoman and Kate Kane scenes. Of course, this was just a taste of things to come, but Elegy was one of the best books of 2010 and I’m looking forward to much more.

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