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He is called Massacre, and he brings death.

What does the soldier in service of Batman Incorporated do when he’s met his match? When he’s been brought so low and been wounded so badly? What does he do when lost Super Heroes begin turning up as victims?

Batwing fights back!

Written by JUDD WINICK
Art and cover by BEN OLIVER

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. The first issue was too slow. If this issue seems to pick up the pace a bit I will give it another shot.

  2. Cool cover. I’m gonna flip through it at the store, might end up buying it.

  3. This was my surprise of the week. I really liked the art by Ben Oliver (although I hear he is leaving after Issue#3 – too bad!). Also, the cliff-hangar had to be the best of the 52!

  4. I’m on the fence about this one. Liked the first issue a lot, but there were five others I liked better. Super heavy week for me, might drop this.

  5. Loved the art and the cliffhanger, lets see what issue 2 brings.

  6. Massacre is a scary mother#^&@er.

  7. Just like last week the first have had me yawning, but the second half had me thinking, well maybe.

  8. This book is a surprise for me. I didn’t think I would like it, but I think I’m on board for an arc or two now. Good stuff. Only minus is it’s hard to believe that he could fight with the injury that he sustained.

  9. I really liked this, so far best book this week. I hope the final line was him getting used to hero banter and not serious. If it was serious it was dreadful. I an still on board for Issue 3. Loved the art.

  10. Yea, love the art. The injury seems impossible to me. And, perhaps over-thinking things, the Batman gives the book an oddly colonial angle to the whole thing, with the Occidental hero being the true power behind the African hero, which I frankly could do without. This isn’t the Africa of the 1940s.

    Still, it is great to see African characters, hints to a wider African superhero scene, etc.

    And yea, love the art.

  11. This book is really a good book. The story is going a bit slow but I think it will translate great in trade. So far I am still a huge fan of the Batman franchise concept and hope it sticks around for a long time. I would be willing to read any number of Batmen adventures from any and all franchises around the world.

  12. I thought this was better than #1. Really beautiful art, which is a funny thing to say about such a brutal book. But man Oliver is kicking ass on this. I also really like the story, well done, good detail… I’m willing to suspend my disbelief on the two-week recovery period. This is comics, people do impossible stuff all the time. But next time keep it a little more believable. 5/5

  13. this book has some serious potential, but we need to downshift soon and get some serious character development.

    • I agree. I love the art and the story has me gripped, but I need for it to ‘open up’ and dig deeper on what is going on with thse characters. This is my favorite Batman-related book behind Snyder’s Batman. Can’t wait for issue #3!

  14. I was not into issue #1 but I’m glad I picked up #2. This was surprisingly good, great character interactions, strong art (but some of the faces look crinkly…?) I’ll be back for more next month.

  15. I still don’t know why we need a batman in africa. Are we really goign to get stories with this character that gives me a reason for his existance? Or is it, hey, the 6 other books with batman arent enough, lets tell the same story, only this time, more than the cape is black?

    • Why do we need a Batman anywhere? This character is Batman related because of Batman’s attempt to recruit others around the globe (see Grant Morrison’s Batman, Inc).
      You are asking a fair question, but me thinks you no likey the answer.

    • Because it’s interesting and different.

    • @kmanifesto I know it was tied into batman inc. And i skipped that whole thing. I just am waiting for it to set it apart from batman.

      @Conor if I may ask what is it that you find interesting about it? I mean I get its different because its set in africa and not Gotham. Maybe the batman inc story made this guy interesting, and Im just not seeing it thus far.

      And maybe Im just guilty of reading a book because of the relaunch I probably wouldn’t have picked up before.

      Last year I saw why there was a batgirl book and a detective and batman and batman and robin, all very different books, with different reasons and tone, and I’m not seeing it thus far in this book.

    • xrcst- I agree with you 100%; there are so many Batman type books out there I am just growing tired of it straight out. The story seems ok I just don’t really care so much on what happens to this character compared to all of the other 100-200 supporting Batman characters as it is.

      Conor Kilpatrick- Yeah; what is so interesting and different besides Africa? I know you are the “Boss” here but if you want to throw down a comment please give us a little more detail on what you mean. (Just giving you some sh#t like the rest of us get if we disagree, all in good fun)

      Kmanifesto- You my friend are a lot of fun and perhaps you like to stir the pot a little even where there is really no need. This is good it makes this site fun. I know sometimes I can be the same way with my one sentence comments like, “This is Crap!” however; that is what I mean and I really can’t give a real description. Sometimes it just really sucks when I read it and I get frustrated and well that also stirs the pot.
      Like xrcst’s comment was just a comment and his opinion nothing more and I agree with him. The whole Batman Inc. was crap in my opinion I read the first three issues and I felt there really was no need for this in the DCU and hoped with the reboot it would not resurface! So much for that; we have one Batman and plenty of supporting characters so lets leave it that way DC!! Why not create new characters or use ones that are much better than a Bat-Wing in Africa; how about Red Tornado and Black Lightning in Africa, Geo-Force in his kingdom, or Metamorpho in Austrailia? Am I babbling or does this make any real sense? I do not even know I got my self lost??????

      Just sayin’,


  16. Massacre, to me, has to be one of the most imposing villains coming out of the new 52. That mixed with Batwings inexperience makes for one of the more suspenseful books out. I didn’t think this was for me but after a coworker told me to give it a shot I am hooked.

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