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Written by JUDD WINICK
Art and cover by BEN OLIVER

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

I’m not a huge Judd Winick fan but his first issue of Batwing had some good characters and enough intrigue to keep me interested despite it’s structural problems. Issue #2 has the same structural problems but left me less interested which could spell my departure from yet another Winick title. This has all the ingredients to be a good series but both Winick and artist Ben Oliver mess up the recipe.

The first issue ended with Massacre’s machete blade exploding out of Batwing’s chest. Obviously I knew this wasn’t going to kill the main character but his survival from such an intrusive and violent injury still came across as a little absurd. Batwing spends most of the issue in the Haven recovering while Massacre hunts down a target in a local school. That’s about all we get. We get little to no new development of David as a character. Massacre is a nifty villain but so far he’s just a big guy with a cool mask and two machetes. There is a surprise character that appears but even that appearance is underwhelming. Even Winick’s ending packs no real punch.

Ben Oliver’s art once again misses a big chance to be really special. First off I love his characters. They have such a genuine and authentic look to them. Oliver also does a great job relaying emmotion through his character’s facial expressions. I did notice that Oliver takes a few shortcuts by using a lot of shadows in place of characters. He also still fails to offer any real backgrounds to most of his panels. He has such an chance to capture a part of the world we rarely see in comics but the abscence of any real background throughout most of the issue really flouders the opportunity.

“Batwing” #2 isn’t a terrible issue. It’s just a very average one. Winick failed to draw me into a world that instantly grabbed my interest as the series was being promoted. He fails to provide any meaningful character development and the story doesn’t provide anything to build upon. Oliver’s art works great in some places but his failure to develop the unique African environment hurts the book. I just don’t think there is enough here to keep me on this title. It’s really a shame. I can’t help but feel that in the hands of another writer, this could have been really special.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 2 - Average


  1. this felt like a transitional issue between #1 and #3, good but a bit light on story. good review.

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