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  1. I ignored this at first, but in the last week I read the first four issues. For those of us who like what Kelley Jones does–and who loved his run with Moench on Batman in the mid-’90s–this series has been real enjoyable. It’s an anachronism done right, as far as I’m concerned.

  2. @flapjaxx: I hope this reads well, cause Moench did a Batman story earlier this decade and it showed how old school he was. (i.e out of date) But the covers of this have been amazing so I hope Kelley’s artwork makes it look like a good trade.

  3. What was the Moench work you’re referring to? I’ve usually enjoyed his stuff even if it does seem old school. I mean, even in the ’90s, his run with Kelley Jones was really out of step with anything else that was happening in the rest of comics. As far as reading this in trade, I read issues 1-4 in one day and I had a pretty good time. Some issues were better than others, though. I don’t think this is a stand-out "great" mini, but for what it is I enjoy it.

  4. While I can accept the "old school" art, this plot is DULL! 

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