You’ve never seen Bane versus Batman like this before!

Since the start of this best-selling series, Bane has been dragging The Dark Knight through a twisted terrain of horror and fear – but two can play that game! Don’t miss this shocking issue as Batman pushes himself further than ever to fight against his deepest demons. And what happens to The Flash and Poison Ivy?

Pick up BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT #7 to find out!

Written by Paul Jenkins
Pencils by David Finch
Inked by Richard Friend
Colored by Richard Friend & Jeromy N. Cox
Cover by David Finch
Cover Color by Jeromy N. Cox

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. I really can’t sponsor this title any further, despite being a big Batman fan. I’ll get the owls tie-in but otherwise I wouldn’t feel sad seeing this title cancelled.

  2. This is thee best Bat-title out there right now in my opinion! Each issue has had some epic artwork and the story line has been put together very well. The Batman up until this point seems like he is really struggling to stay with it and I my self get dragged right into this story every month and feel the strength of this title growing each month. If you are not reading this and want something fresh from the Batman then here is where you wanna go. Mind you, I like what Snyder is doing over in Batman I just prefer this a little more.


  3. I will have to agree with boyling on this one. This title better get better lest I drop it, and the only Batman title that I have ever dropped is Batman: Confidential a couple of years ago. That shows how weak this title is.

  4. I’m with Flash. I like this title a lot even though it gets critically panned. It’s a mystery to me. Great art, great bat-villains, a nice story arc. More please!

  5. I can’t say I love the story, it’s just okay…..but I would buy it for the Finch art alone.

  6. While Batman, and Batman & Robin are well written, with well thought out plot lines, and have a grander picture in mind The Dark Knight is just a fun old school saturday cartoon ride. While it stands little chance of me ever saying it is one of the best books out any given week, it does have a place on my pull list just because of its art, and action. Anyone who says it is the best Batbook on the sheleves must appreciate that straight forward cartoon style, while I appreciate the HOLY SHIT factor of the Scott Snyder, and Peter Tomasi books a whole lot more.

  7. So, in the Dark Knight book, the Flash has to keep running at an accelerated rate to defeat Banes toxins and not die, but in the Flash book, doing such a feat causes him to create wormholes in time and space….so ummmmm…..i guess what i’m asking is, What the f%#k???

  8. This gets a big fat 5 from me and was just beat out by The Flash this week for pow for me. I think this is the better bat book and I say that with no insult to the others, excluding Batwing and Batwoman; I really not digging those two. Artwork has been very good and the plot just keeps getting better and better with every issue and the classic bat villians are a plenty here. I like this new White Rabbit character, she seems to be a very serious challenge for the Bat.


    • Are you just saying this is the best Bat-book because Flash had to save his cowl? I bet you are! 🙂

    • Yes, White Rabbit is the best bat villain in a while! She’s a great character, I hope the reveal this issue doesn’t start a downward trend for her, she was best when she was mysterious…hope she remains uncatchable.

  9. It really isn’t fantastic. But after one more issue and the night of owls tie in we get Gregg Hurwitz on board. After reading his Penguin story this excites me.

  10. I liked this issue of TDK. The fight with Bane was pretty awesome. I’m not sure why so many of you don’t like this Bat-title. It’s the only one that I am reading because I want to read it, not because I am forced to by a crossover.

    • @JediMasterWoodard – That is a very good point, I also am reading this because I want to. Also; The Flash rules, so you maybe on to something.. No really I have to say for me this is #1 Bat-title.


  11. Dark Knight #7 closes the first arc with a huge fight between Batman and Bane. Also, the secret of White Rabbit is revealed, and there are guest appearances by Superman and The Flash. I am still at a loss about how the whole toxin thing got resolved, but I enjoyed the pretty art.

    Please check my mini-review here:

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  12. Fun story, good art. Sure there were plot holes but this is still better than Detective Comics, though not as good as Snyder’s Batman.

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