• War in the skies of Gotham City!

• Bat-robots versus Talia’s Man-Bat armies!

• Leviathan and The Heretic increase the hostilities to a whole new level!

Story by Grant Morrison
Art by Chris Burnham
Colors by Nathan Fairbairn
Letters by Dave Sharpe
Cover by Chris Burnham, Nathan Fairbairn, & Frazer Irving

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. So glad to see this come out this month. I’m not enjoying Snyder on Joker as much as other people. I liked Morrison’s Joker the best.

  2. Not to derail the book but…

    Did Morrison’s Happy come out this month?

  3. Oh goody. I gotta find that issue of Batman and figure out what happened to get us back to this future.

    • I think it was Batman #666. I just remember Damian’s quote to the hostages after he frees them in that one, “Now go out there and make the world a better place. Or I’ll hunt you down one by one.” LOL


    Damian’s face is killing me.

  5. As someone who didn’t really much of Morrison’s run, I’m loving this book and it is at the top of what I look forward to each month.

  6. Back to the future again, with Damian as the Batman, I am quite shocked that no-one has done a mini series based on this premise, yet?!

  7. i dont usual pick up this book but Bat-Damian#666 is too good to ignore

  8. Chris Burnham is amazing. and this Morrison guy an’it half bad either

  9. Is it just me or does that Arkham gate really look like an Image logo from in the thumbnail?

  10. I adore Mister Burnham. I want him to draw Batman forever.

  11. I want to have Burnham’s babies.

  12. While the solicit doesn’t match the cover, I’m looking forward to seeing it ALL play out!

  13. I will have to say, being fairly new to comics, I hear alot about Morrison as an amazing writer (which is why I am still on this), but I feel like this title is jumping around so much. Long Time Comic/Morrison fans help me out, am I not paying enough attention or will it all eventually make sense??

    • Your problem is that you haven’t read the rest of his run. The story has been going on for 6 years, so if you are new, you’ve missed out on a lot of backstory. It’ll ,ale sense sense once you go back and read the whole thing.

    • Yeah, you really have to go back and start at Batman #655 when Batman & Son started. He touches on things that happened from that point on in this series. That and the first volume of Batman Incorporated.

    • O wow!! I had no idea it went back that far. I read the first Batman Inc Volume and Batman Leviathan.

    • It goes back even further if you count the stuff in 52 which ties directly into the run.

    • I had a bit of the same feeling when I picked up Morrison’s Batman run with the launch of “Batman & Robin”, but it didn’t take away from my enjoyment of that series in the slightest. I’ve since gone back and been wowwed by the entire run even when the artists aren’t always to my taste. Here’s a chronology if it helps…

      1) Batman & Son
      2) The Black Glove
      3) Batman RIP (and possibly Final Crisis, which I liked but don’t deem necessary)
      4) Batman & Robin Volume 1
      5) Batman & Robin Volume 2
      6) Batman & Robin Volume 3
      7) The Return of Bruce Wayne
      8) Batman Inc Volume 1

  14. While I am enjoying this book, can someone explain to me why this is called “Batman Incorporated”? It seems like just another Batman and Robin book.

    • It focuses on the activities of “Batman, Incorporated” the global crime-fighting corporation that Bruce Wayne started, as well as Leviathan, the evil organization that prompted its organization. It’s the culmination of 6 years of Morrison’s Batman stories.

    • I see…as a new reader I was confused. Do you have any recommendations for reading to catch up on the back story?

    • Oh my god I have a lot of catching up to do!

    • LOL, yeah. It is well worth it though. Some AWESOME stories in there. Most of those issues you can get collected in trade format now too.

    • I just mentioned in the above thread. I am in the same boat as you mrmarky.

    • @daningotham: that’s a good link, agreed. I used this when I was making up my own “essential” Batman reading list.

      @mrmarky: the list does seem a bit overwhelming, but you’ll catch most of it with these 8 TPBs:
      Black Glove Deluxe Edition; Batman RIP; Time and the Batman; Batman & Robin V.1,2,3; Return of Bruce Wayne; Batman Incorporated. To be read in that order. If you’re a really new Batman reader, make sure to read these five essentials: The Dark Knight Returns (1986), Year One (1987), Killing Joke (1988), Arkham Asylum (1989), and Long Halloween (1996). I envy new readers because experiencing all these great stories for the first time just can’t be beat.

    • @daningotham – that is a really great link, and almost exactly what I would suggest.
      My recommendation would be to read “Last Rites” pretty much in between issues 1 and 2 of “RIP: The Missing Chapter”, I would recommend reading “Time and the Batman” Immediately following the “Blackest Knight” chapters, and then finally I think that the story is most effective if you read issues 1-5 of “Return of Bruce Wayne” after “Batman vs. Robin” and then read issue 6 in between “Batman and Robin Must Die!” and “Black Mass” (Issue 16).
      Sounds kinda confusing but that is the order I’ve found best.

  15. I’m in the same boat too because I stopped reading comics 20 years ago and then started up again with the new 52. To me it’s like Grant sits down and says, “How can I tell this story in the most confusing way possible?” I halfway liked this issue, though it was disappointing that it was a dream. (I know that sounds weird, cuz the dream was a real nightmare. But what an ending to Gotham!) I have one major complaint, and it’s the same one I had for Swamp Thing’s zero issue: please stop showing infants being harmed! It’s in incredibly poor taste.

    • I actually added the whole Morrison Saga found on the website daningotham mentioned and am dropping batman inc until it is over and then i am going to pick up everything and read it all. it sounds really interesting.

  16. Cheese and crackers, this was a brutal fucking book! Fantastic, but brutal!

  17. Love how this issue pulls it all together, and SO COOL seeing Dr. Hurt again. It’s been an awesome 6 years, but I will miss Grant’s Batman stories when it’s “all over”.

    • When I saw Hurt again for the first time in years, I literally got chills. I remember reading an interview way back during RIP where Morrison said he wants to create in Hurt a Batman villain to be feared. Not an easy task in Gotham, but (for me at least) he definitely succeeded.

  18. This issue was a beautiful culmination of so many things. There will always be great Batman stories, but Morrison’s work on the character will forever remain one of my favorites. Such a creatively woven tapestry. Nobody does epic like Morrison, and this was most certainly epic. Great, great stuff.

    This was so POTW.

  19. I can’t believe I got that much spoiled for me just by looking at the comments. It sucks getting paid on Thursdays!!

  20. The only thing I didn’t like about this is that Damian seems like a pretty wimpy Batman. He should be more bad ass.

  21. The ‘666 verse’ (as we seem to be calling it these days) – Explained! At last!

    I was really pleased to see how it all fits together into the continuity that Grant has created. Also, it was fantastic to see ‘Flamingo’ again. I haven’t seen ‘The Eater of Faces’ since his cameo in Batman Issue 1 last September and, to be honest, I really missed him. I actually thought Dr. Hurt was dead, following the events of ‘Batman & Robin Must Die’ – silly old me. Still, good to see him again as well. Burnham made him look genuinely terrifying.

    We also got to see more of ‘Jackanapes’ as well. I really love how Morrison has not only invented a future world for adult Damian to inhabit as Batman, but also a pretty decent rogues gallery in the process.

    Let’s not forget that ‘Professor Pyg’ and ‘Phosphous Rex’ also debuted in Batman 666. Then there’s also:

    2-Face-2 (Antagonist of Damian’s segment in Batman 700)
    Max Roboto (who Batman kills in Issue 700)
    The Sphynx (seen imprisoned in this issue)
    The Joker (presumably, although we never see him)
    Candyman (Killed by the ‘Anti Batman’ in 666)
    Loveless (Ditto)
    The Weasel (Who appears again in this issue)

    And probably some others I missed out.

    Really enjoyed this, although the dead kid with the broken neck may have been a little ‘on the nose’ for me.


  22. Yeah, this was an awesome issue. Morrison just keeps impressing me. It was great seeing Dr.Hurt again too. I love how he ties in stuff even from he early stuff writing Batman.

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