The dynamic new era of Batman continues! The Dark Knight and Mr. Unknown – the Batman of Japan – go up against Lord Death Man. It’s going to be a fight to the end that could see the failure of Batman, Inc. before it’s even begun!

Variant cover by YANICK PAQUETTE

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  1. Had fun last issue.  More ‘sexy time’ Batman, I hope.

  2. ^More ‘tentacle p0rn’ Catwoman too 😉

    Last issue was great fun. I’m anxious to see the standard JHW cover.

  3. Woohoo! Last time it’s going to be 3.99! 🙂

  4. Last issue was just greatness altogether. I hope Catwoman stumbles upon more Japanese bizarreness too. What is a cat if not curious?
    Havent decided if I like the variant or the jhw standard yet. Both are great!

  5. Not a good sign that only one issue in the gate and we’re already seeing delays on this series. But I’m excited for this none the less.

  6. My calendar is saying last issue came out the 17th of November, this one is the 22nd?

    Not bad. It’s nice to be buying excellent Batman comics again. 

  7. Yeah, that’s once a month. With months having 30-31 days, I have no problem with a slittle slosh. If you are obsessing about this as ‘lateness’ you are paying way too much attention to the ship dates. You are going to become irritated and ruin your own rading experience. This may suck or it may be great, but unless it comes out in January lets not even use the word late. It will drive you batty. (see what I did there at the end?)

  8. Lateness…doesn’t feel like that to me but then I go and pick up my comics from my local LCS every few weeks rather than every week; so it might be a couple of weeks late and I wouldn’t notice, it’s the best way to not have to worry about it!

  9. its those two extra pages they have to draw that probably delayed those 3 days

  10. I’m in! Let’s roll!

  11. Comics are monthly. If it comes out every month, how can it be late?

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but do DC and Marvel claim you get an issue exactly four weeks after each release?

    Comics that are a month or more late save you money.

  12. @Scorpion: Originally this was supposed to be out last week. It was pushed back. Therefore it’s technically late. Not that I’m bothered about that.

    Yeah, the JH Williams cover is of course amazing. Damn I wish they could clone this guy so he could work with Morrison drawing interiors again.

  13. @Scorpion Well, if they solicit it for a specific date and it doesn’t come out on that date, it is late. It just depends on what degree you wish to hold a company liable for their expected in-store date. 

  14. I love the character of Batman but haven’t read a Bat Book in YEARS. Actually just started getting back into comics. Local comic shop suggested Batman and Robin…around #13 or 14 but I just didn’t get into it so they suggested I just wait for Batman Inc. And they were right –  I really liked issue #1 so I may have found my Bat book.

  15. If this was going to stay 3.99 I would totally drop it.  I thought the first issue was mediocre to the extreme.  But since it’s Morrison and it’s getting cheaper I’m holding on for now.  But I enjoyed Batman and Robin much more than the first issue of this.

  16. Good point gentlemen.

    I don’t pay much attention to the solicits.

  17. I hate that the next issue of this will not have a JH cover. I may actually buy the goddamn variant.

  18. If I haven’t read Batman in a while but know the general story line, would this series make sense to me? I’ve heard Morrison’s story lines have been hard to understand lately.

  19. @Anthoiny just come back with your questions and at least I will try to help.

  20. @Anthony:

    There was almost a year or so where Bruce was missing and Dick was Batman, but he’s come back, and because of that, he’s decided to take the Batman idea and spread it all over the world. That is literally all the precedent that you need to know to enjoy this book. Also, Morrison’s last story really isn’t that hard to understand, as long as you start from the beginning with Batman & Son. 

  21. Knowledge of the back-story isn’t needed – this is a new era for Batman, and a new direction (albeit there may be a few references back to previous stories at some point).

  22. I just realized that last issue had catwoman reading tentacle porn, then getting snatched up by a giant squid on the last page.

    Hahaha! Morrison, you ironic bastard. Man I’m slow…

  23. I didn’t like this issue that much. Pacing was erratic and it just felt like it was missing something. I think Morrison had to mix two issues into one here, which would explain the pacing. That and Paquette pencils and Lacombe’s inks don’t work together for me at all. Really fugly looking issue. Some things look great (like Lord Death Man just causing havoc anywhere) while everything else looks pretty damn ugly. I hope this team can put it together otherwise I might drop this if the art continues to disappoint.


  24. That’s what one week late will do to you.

  25. I did not enjoy this at all. I have been blown away by all things in Morrison Bat-verse but this series feels kind of rushed and confusing. Cornell’s Batman & Robin is more of a fun ride than this one. 

  26. That giant squid sticking out the side of the building was awesome. 4/5

  27. What a fun issue. Love the direction so far. I didn’t realize the new Bat-recruits would actually dress as Batman. I just assumed it would be their own spin on an overall theme or style.

  28. Holy shit! This was amazing. I love how Morrison is bringing back the feel of old 70’s and 80’s comics. Almost laughable now, with everything doom and gloom. The other thing i like about that concept, is that he still keeps the book modern with the grittyness (like blowing up a bus full of disabled kids). All around fun! 5/5

  29. POTW. Beautiful art, a fast-paced adventure story with great, subtle character moments for everyone (incuding Bruce!), non-stop action and just plain tons o’ fun. SO GLAD to be able to have not just one, but 2 great Batman books again!

  30. I think Paquette’s art here is awesome, I would go out of my way in the future to read a book he’s doing art for.  His Wolverine arc with Jason Aaron was one of my favorite Wolverine stories of all time, too.

  31. While I was hoping that the Japanese Batman would be a more unique look, I thought Lord Death Man (or whatever) was brilliant, as was the resolution.

  32. This was a really enjoyable issue, but bit of a fluff … I can’t wait till the Gorrila masked avenger.

  33. Loved the squid panel. Other than that I thought it was extremely fluffy, gonna give it another read but wasn’t too thrilled.

  34. Leave it to Death Man to blow up a hospital in Japan, wow.  This book does have a style to it, and Paquette’s art is pretty incredible, his Catwoman especially.

  35. This was a fantastic issue!  Definitely my favorite Batman title right now (though Red Robin and Batgirl still top the lists for me in the Batman family.  I actually loved the pacing for this issue.  While not the pacing I want to see for every issue, it felt like the pacing I’d get out of Pokemon or similar.  Combined with the tentacle porn and the appearance of Aquazon, it was as close to manga as the story’s likely to get without actually BEING manga or having manga art.  All in all, two great issues under the belt, I’m looking forward to seeing El Gaucho next ish.

  36. Just alright. But MAN! If I were a kid, I could just imagine and fantasize about Batman recruiting me. I love the idea that it’s easier to be a Batman now, than before.

    Wow. A BATMAN. Never thought I would ever say that.

  37. Pretty epic issue.

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